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  1. I just got off the phone with a Ford dealer here that confirmed the TSB I mentioned and that it applies to our MKZ. $75 to reprogram the FCIM, so we're going to give that a shot in a couple weeks when we can get it in to their radio guy. Cheaper and a lot less work than replacing the entire panel, but wish that manufacturers were liable for things like this outside of warranty. It's an obvious design flaw and a programming fix is extremely easy. I'm sure that they literally changed a value like "TouchControlSensitivityLevel" from 1.0 to 0.7 or something and that's it. Yet requires the entire module to be reflashed. Fun...
  2. Awesome video! Now I have to figure out how to find a replacement panel... Or, I would consider either unplugging the Volume knob (since you can just adjust on the steering wheel), or maybe replace just the volume slide control itself if even possible.
  3. We're having the same issue with the volume button on a 2013 MK Hybrid. I have the exact part number I need (DP5Z-19980-H), but cannot find one anywhere, and I refuse to pay over $1k from the dealer. Has anyone attempted to swap out one of these slide controls alone? I don't mind spending quite a bit of time disassembling if needed (have done that with many things). Also, I just found this which seems to indicate that maybe a reprogram can fix this?? https://ford.oemdtc.com/1030/uncommanded-or-unintended-audio-system-volume-changes-andor-climate-control-blower-motor-speed-changes-2013-2014-lincoln-mkz
  4. glocklt4

    Strange engine whining noise

    Got the car into the shop and they finally diagnosed it as needing a new transmission. Luckily under the 8year/100k hybrid parts warranty still. I don't have the exact diagnosis details yet, but pretty sure it's the bearing as mentioned above. I'll report back once we pick it up and discuss with the techs.
  5. glocklt4

    Strange engine whining noise

    Here's an updated TSB: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10148717-9999.pdf
  6. glocklt4

    Strange engine whining noise

    Wife's 2013 MKZ Hybrid is making the exact same noise. We've noticed it for probably a year and it's been getting worse. I tried to add transmission fluid (which is a pain...) a few months ago after doing an oil change and finding transmission fluid on the side of the transmission case. Made no change at all. Please let us know what the issue was and whether it was covered under warranty - thank you! We're going to take hers in this week. Here's the TSB I found. I think their diagnosis steps match my wife's car exactly. We first noticed some grinding and other noises while driving around, but now we have the much louder sounds just like the video above. Better be under warranty... https://ford.oemdtc.com/3394/thumping-rubbing-or-grinding-noise-from-transmission-2013-2016-ford-c-max-fusion-lincoln-mkz
  7. glocklt4

    2013 Lincoln MKZ

    Cyberdman, can we please get another update on my wife's MKZ? Thank you again! VIN: 3LN6L2LU2DR821856
  8. Since the MKZ unfortunately does not come with the ability to plugin, like the Energi Focus, I'm wondering if it isn't possible to add this after the fact. It does seem like Lincoln will add this ability in a couple years or so, but the wife needs a new car now. I know the Energi Focus has more batteries to support a longer EV run time, which is the reason why it has plugin abilities, however it seems like it would be nice to be able to charge the batteries of the MKZ from the house to save more fuel. Maybe this is just not feasible for the car with it's battery capacity? Thoughts?
  9. glocklt4

    120V Charging Questions

    Yeah, that's not bad at all. I guess it's the 240V stuff that's very pricey due to the box required (inverter?). For the home, I would imagine that 240V is worth it for short charges unless you have access to a 240V charger at work for free like someone above posted. That would be great!!
  10. glocklt4

    120V Charging Questions

    Geez, that's still a fortune. What is the reason for the cost on these? This can't actually contain the AC/DC inverter in it, does it?? If so, I would understand the cost, but I really would expect the car to contain that since they are supposed to be able to just plug in to a normal 120V socket for 120V charging (or maybe the built in inverter is only for 120V and not 240V?).
  11. glocklt4

    When is X Plan PIN used?

    Ok, thanks for the info to the both of you. I will see if she can ask around more on this. I'm unsure if this is the first time they are doing this, but it sure seems like it!
  12. Wife and I ordered an MKZ Hybrid 3 weeks ago and the dealer gave us X Plan pricing as we discussed with them from the very beginning. Wife's company is a partner of Ford, however the HR department for some reason could never figure out how to get her a PIN. We ordered the car and have the VOC showing X Plan pricing and everything but they haven't asked for a PIN yet. Does this mean that we are good now? We still have not actually gotten a PIN yet. Hopefully that is not needed at the time you take delivery or we may be up a creek!
  13. glocklt4

    X Plan on Hybrid

    Yep, we ordered an MKZ Hybrid 3 weeks ago with X Plan. Shaved about $1700 off.
  14. Would appreciate a status update on an MKZ Hybrid order for my wife. She is ecstatic to get it of course , so thank you very much for offering to give status updates! VIN: 3LN6L2LU2DR821856. I believe the order was placed with the factory on 4/23/13. We checked the ford window sticker every day for a while and it came available on 5/8/13, but it does not have a build date. Thank you!!
  15. glocklt4

    Parking Brake Warning

    I may have missed it, but is the e-brake on the fusion Elec like it is on the MKZ?