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  1. Questions I’d like answered on the 2021 Escape Titanium: Why no leather seats except for the “special” Titanium – extra cost package Why no longer have turn signal indicators on the outside mirrors Why no leather steering wheel except for the “special” Titanium – extra cost package Why no longer have “acoustic glass” window glass for the front doors I have a 2019 Escape Titanium along with a 2017 Fusion Platinum. I thought that I’d probably trade the 2017 Fusion for a 2021 Escape Titanium, but most likely I will not do that based on the issues from above. I’ll be interested in your or Ford response.
  2. THANK YOU for the Escape forum. My question/concern has been addressed. I will join that forum to review Escape information.
  3. I just purchased a 2018 Escape Titanium. The gear selector, P R N D S, does NOT light. All the other areas in the car that should be lit are lit to include the ambient lighting. What do I do to get the gear selector to light?
  4. Torino1970

    Dynamic Route Guidance

    2017 Fusion Platinum with Sync 3 and navigation. The system automatically reroutes me when there is a traffic issue -- it does not give me an option to AVOID or to IGNORE, but it tells me there is a problem and then it automatically reroutes. With my 2014 Fusion Titanium and MyFord the navigation system I have the option to IGNORE or AVOID. HOW DO I GET THE 2017 NAVIGATION TO GIVE ME THE AVOID AND THE IGNORE OPTION? Thanks for any advice/guidance.
  5. For my 2017 Fusion Platinum I went in to my dealer yesterday and they loaded version 2.2 without any problems. I can now use the SiriusXM Travel Link for traffic. There was no charge for this service. I left the car overnight so I'm not sure how long this took. Again, version 2.2 works. Oh, I do not have an iphone so I'm not sure about that.
  6. Let me make sure that I understand the path for Ford to provide the Sync 3 update. 1. SW has final tweaks made and tested by Ford 2. Ford provides USB hubs to Ford dealers 3. Ford dealers replace current USB hubs with new USB hubs 4. Ford dealers install -- from a USB device? or via WiFi? -- the Sync 3 update in each car I plan to wait for Ford to release and the dealer to do his part, but I just wanted to understand the path. And, any guess as to win this may happen? Thanks
  7. TRAVEL LINK DOES WORK IN NORTH CAROLINA -- SO WHY CAN’T FORD COMPARE NORTH CAROLINA WITH VIRGINIA – Ford software or Sirius software??? -- what is the difference that makes it work in some places, but not in others. Let me give you the details for a 2/11/2017 trip from Williamsburg to Roanoke Rapids, NC – located about 10-15 miles off I-95 just after crossing into NC from VA. 1. I-64 to I-295 to I-95 to NC/VA state line – no Travel Link service 2. parking lot of NC welcome center on I-95 just over the NC/VA state line – Travel Link came on 3. NC welcome center to Roanoke Rapids, NC, and back to I-95 NC/VA state line – Travel Link worked 4. I-95 from NC/VA state line to about 15 miles south of I-95 and I-295 junction – Travel Link worked 5. about 15 miles south of I-95 and I-295 junction to Williamsburg– no Travel Link service I had this identical situation, back in November 2016 on a trip to/from Raleigh, NC. Travel Link worked exactly as above, but just change Roanoke Rapids to Raleigh.
  8. Sirius Travel Link does not work fleet-wide on 2017 products. SSM 4651 identifies the problem on OASIS. However, Ford has made no contact with fleet-wide owners of 2017 products with Sync3 and Navigation. My dealer tried to find a status on this issue, but he was not able to do so. Does anyone have information. I have a 2017 Fusion Platinum.
  9. It would be nice of Ford to let owners know that they are aware of the problem. And, of course, to provide some sort of update on progress --- this could be done by letter or by email. A Fusion Platinum is not an inexpensive car so to have a key component not functioning and to not even address it to the owner is not very good customer relations. Perhaps, Ford could offer some sort of incentive for this service failure? Without BlueOvalNews and without Google search a Ford owner would never know that the problem was with Ford not Sirius. Yes, I am frustrated at not knowing when, if ever, the problem will be fixed. Oh, Travel Link does work well on my 2014 Fusion Titanium. Again, Ford could at least, as a minimum, let owners know that Ford is aware of the problem -- not too difficult to do!
  10. I just spoke with my dealer and he checked OASIS for the SSM 46151 -- there is no fix, yet. I have a 2017 Fusion Platinum with the issue. My suggestion to get things moving from Ford: everybody should use Twitter and other social media to make everyone -- friends, dealers, and news/TV sites -- know about the issue. Right or wrong this should put a little pressure on Ford because nobody is going to purchase a car with a navigation system that does not do all that it should. And, from what I've read using Twitter like this does indeed have an impact on companies. So, if you have the problem and if you use Twitter proceed. Torino1979
  11. Torino1970

    Steering Wheel not Plumb -- not level

    murphy62, thanks for the update. What are the "mounting bars of the steering wheel"? For the "front end alignment is correct and the steering wheel is slightly off" solution does involve fixing the steering wheel or tackling the front end alignment? -- I want to be prepared when I return to the dealer.
  12. The STEERING WHEEL on my 2014 Titanium is not level it tilts a few degrees === not the column, but the actual steering wheel that you hold. The dealer says alignment is OK and to him the tilt is not an issue. However, it just looks odd when it should be level. The car does not pull to either side. What would be involved in getting the dealer to make the steering wheel level? -- maybe I should do nothing? I realize that this is crazy, but it bothers me when I drive. THANKS for any ideas.
  13. Torino1970

    Clearcoat on black rims peeling :>(

    Yes, the rims are 19" dark stainless. What product(s) work well to clean the rims? Has anybody had any issues with these rims? As an aside, the Titanium is a great car. A lot to learn with all the electronics, but worthy safety-related features.
  14. Torino1970

    Clearcoat on black rims peeling :>(

    I have a 2014 Fusion Titanium w/ these rims. QUESTION: are the actual rims dark stainless or is the clearcoat coating the dark stain? What do the rims look like if the clearcoat coating is peeled off? Yes, probably strange questions, but I don't really understand. Any details you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks, Torino 1970
  15. Torino1970

    X-Plan PIN request for 2014 Fusion Titanium