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  1. I finally did, truck was build 12 Nov 2020 and arrived at my dealer 20 Jan 2021. There were some delays as you can see. I ordered in Aug but production didn't really start til late Oct.
  2. I found this site and it has tons of good info and tracking methods. I stay there now, no help here. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/2021-f-150-orders-tracking-list-stats-enter-yours.206/
  3. My humble apologies Cyberman, I guess I did not word my question correctly for I was just looking for a status report on my order. You will not have to remove me from this site, I will do that myself. I truly do apologies to you and wasting your time. Have a good day Bob
  4. No sir, I was not looking for speculation. The last update I got from my dealer was almost three weeks ago. He didn't seem to want to be bothered and I guess why he has not responded with my last email, dated about a week after my truck was built. Apparently the attitude is the same here, so I withdraw my request and will not bother anyone here. Thanks for you time Bob
  5. I appreciate this site and info provided to common customers looking for some order information! VIN 1FTFW1ED1MFA02062 I have a 2021 F150 King Ranch ordered mid Aug. It was ordered as a stock order and was built 12 Nov. That is coming up on 3 weeks now and have not been able to find anything else out about it. It appears to not be shipped yet. I had heard they would not ship till OKTB at Dearborn was achieved and that apparently happened recently. Any ideal when it would be shipped or updated info? My 2018 order showed an ETA even before it was built. I know things are really out of wack this year but just looking for anyone in the know that might can shed some light on it for me. Thanks so much! Bob
  6. For an update, my truck was built the 12th of Nov and everything I have been able to find is it is still there and has not shipped yet. Been almost 3 weeks and Dearborn is now at OKTB apparently, any idea why they would not have shipped it? Patiently waiting Thanks
  7. Yep, finding that out. I have just be bugging my dealer weekly. Thanks though Bob
  8. I placed my order early Aug and got a VIN pretty quick. Dealer gave me such a good deal on my 2018 as trade I could not pass that up. Now I'm truck-less and counting the days to get my new baby in. In the past I have always been able to track my order and know at what stage it is in. With the virus and all things are on a whole new schedule. My old COTUS has changed and now there is a new one but my VIN is not working there yet. My dealer ordered me a stock and a pre-sold unit and I get whichever shows up first. The stock order got a VIN in mid-Aug the retail still doesn't have one. I do know why the stock one went through, because production has not reached OKTB yet. Dealer gives me updates just not as often as I would like but I understand they have to work. Lol Does Ford Tracking not work for stock orders or is production just not that far along that a VIN should work yet? https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking#/ I ordered it with the new powerboost and the propower 7.2 kw generator. Dealer is showing build date of 13 Nov. Just looking for info where I can track myself or where I don't get a groan when I ask. I attended a Ford drive even in Georgia this past Friday. Had a chance to test drive the powerboost in a Limited. I was very impressed and love the new changes in the 21 MY. Any help much appreciated. VIN 1FTFW1ED1MFA02062 Bob
  9. currybob

    Window Sticker Code Question Normal to Rebill

    Well my baby got built yesterday after all! Won't be long now.
  10. currybob

    Window Sticker Code Question Normal to Rebill

    Thanks Pioneer. Just checked my window sticker and the blend number has changed, showing a build date of 7 Sep now, so it got moved 3 days later. Looks like it won't be a holiday truck.LOL
  11. currybob

    Window Sticker Code Question Normal to Rebill

    Anyone know if Dearborn is working tomorrow on Labor day?? My truck is schedule for birth tomorrow. Also, is the work week for the plant Monday thru Friday or something else? I now have a VIN too 1FTEW1EG4JFA56361 Any info much appreciated! Thanks
  12. Anyone know if the Dearborn plant working tomorrow on Labor Day?? My truck is suppose to be built on 4 Sep and didn't realize that was on Labor day till a few days ago. Also, are the week shifts Monday thru Friday or something else?? This is my VIN 1FTEW1EG4JFA56361, she seems to be moving right along. Thanks
  13. Does anyone in the know have any idea if Dearborn is up and running custom orders yet or have the "OK to Sell" or whatever the term is?? I have a 18 King Ranch I ordered back on 27 May and anxious I guess. Have not been scheduled or assigned a VIN yet. I was hoping to have a VIN by now where I could keep track of it on CUTOS. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks Bob
  14. currybob

    Window Sticker Code Question Normal to Rebill

    I hear ya and understand. I do appreciate all the info he has given me to this point and the suggestion to change the order priority. It was much appreciated. Once I get the VIN I will use Cotus for tracking. Will contact my dealer Friday to see if it has been scheduled yet. Thanks