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  1. rbcundiff6

    2021? Raptor paint chip.

    Per the official Ford 2021 Exterior Colors dealership handout, the Raptor is listed for the ‘21 model year in the following colors. Code Orange, Antimatter Blue, Rapid Red, Carbonized Gray, Velocity Blue, Agate Black, Race Red, Iconic Silver and Leadfoot Gray. Hopefully this is the slip up we are all waiting on to confirm 2021 Raptors are right around the corner.
  2. rbcundiff6

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    Bronco Sport Trac anyone???
  3. To: Bronco Specialist Congratulations and welcome to the Bronco Readiness Program! We will use this distribution list to keep you and your dealership updated with important information as we approach the reveal and launch of the BRONCO. If you want to change the name/e-mail of your dealership’s Bronco Specialist, it must be done on the upcoming Bronco Dashboard – we will not make any changes to our distribution list based on replies to this e-mail. SUMMARY · Bronco Specialist Responsibilities – Be the dealerships Bronco expert and ensure relevant information is cascaded to customer facing personnel · Mark your calendar – Bronco News Coming March 18th! · Bronco Dealer Communications Plan – A robust, multi-channel approach will ensure you are up to speed on all things Bronco as they are announced · Bronco Hot Sheet Reminder – Use this document to help answer customer questions today. Additional hot sheets will be made available as more information is made public. · Bronco Text Messaging Reminder – Be the first to hear about Bronco news by enrolling in FMC Dealer Text Messaging. Job aid attached. · Marketing Assets on Ford Dealer Toolbox – Assets will be made available to you to support each Bronco event. Check back on 3/18. · Bronco eSourceBook – Start preparing for Bronco’s arrival today by exploring eSourceBook content outlining Bronco History and other topics that will be relevant to your future Bronco customers. BRONCO SPECIALIST RESPONSIBILITIES You have been identified as a Bronco Specialist for your dealership. You will be the dealership’s Bronco expert and be responsible for cascading important Bronco launch information and training status to all the key members of the dealership. Please distribute a copy of the attached Hot Sheet and all forthcoming Hot Sheets to all dealership positions that interface with customers: receptionist, sales consultants, F&I managers, service advisors, BDC personnel, and others. MARK YOUR CALENDAR! March 18th will be a big day for Bronco! We will have more exciting news to share with you then. Use the attached calendar reminder to make sure you are the first in your dealership to hear the news!
  4. We'll know a whole lot more next Wednesday the 18th.
  5. Leaking internet today, someone call a plumber...
  6. Our dealership currently has 3 Raptor's awaiting parts to replace this issue. All have under 25k/mi. one '18 and two '19's. Very obvious on cold start up. These 3 I know of due to selling them, service probably has more customer concerns i'm not aware of.
  7. Mustang this, Bronco that, Family something something. Just build the damn things and ship them. Most dealerships and customer's are tired of waiting for the new promised product. That said, If and or when Lincoln gets their version, might I suggest the use "Mach E Mark" and hope for the Funky Bunch Edition. With no engine noise, would it have a...Good Vibration?
  8. Just received this today. Please hold all laughter on Ford's description of it's newest choice of Red. Enjoy.
  9. I'm still waiting on the 2001 Mercury Cougar S that was listed in the dealer literature. Guessing it's probably parked next to all the new Bronco's, Lincoln Mustang based coupe, Mach/Model E, and anything else they said was coming for...ever. Please feel free to add any models I missed.
  10. rbcundiff6

    2020 Shelby Dealer Enrollment

    Anyone else catch this? I don't remember anything being said or I just didn't see it. Thoughts? Answers? Scan_0018.pdf
  11. rbcundiff6

    Die Cast Model 2019 Rangers

    Hot Wheels will have these on peg hooks soon. Sucks that this is the only way to get a Raptor version in the States.
  12. Per the Ford Rep's at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this morning, F-600 to use new 7.3 gas or updated 6.7 diesel. Also 2021 E-series and Medium Duty trucks will be available to order 4th quarter this year and production to start in 2020. They are skipping the 2020 year model year designation.
  13. rbcundiff6

    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    A 121" wheel base (120.6") is the same as a current Transit Connect LWB van. Could it be the basis for this future truck? Adding a truck cab and bed would shorten the turn around time from design to production.
  14. Two of the (#?) Bronco "family" in the same picture! Well one and the full size silhouette.
  15. I'm sure this is already common knowledge, but the 2019 paint code/chip literature arrived at our dealership yesterday. It lists the colors that will be available on the 2019 Escape and Escape Hybrid. Looks like we know what's coming first to the updated sales mix, but how soon in '19?