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  1. Done with it at its clearly not a productive topic around here at this point in time, neither side will ever agree. Look forward to the new Bronco to be revealed for others to enjoy and hopefully a SFA option down the road someday for the rest of us.
  2. One thing I will be interested to see with the next gen F-150 is if the 5.5 box Supercab Raptor survives since it is the sole survivor of that configuration currently.
  3. I will respectfully disagree with any insinuation that I stated it as fact but agreed done with this apparent controversial topic.
  4. I stated it was a fact that the Bronco would be better with SFA?? It is my opinion, never once stated it was a fact.
  5. Never said it’s a fact that the Bronco is better with IFS or SFA. My opinion certainly is that it is better with SFA but none of us can say for fact it’s better with one or other, it will always be an opinion. If differing opinion was more welcome here then it could have been avoided.
  6. Steve557

    New light & medium duty news

    Wonder what set of Econoline door stamp they are on since 91 when the current door started?
  7. We can have an opinion and discuss the merits of both while having the fact that Bronco will indeed have IFS. We can both acknowledge there is no factual information on if Bronco is better off with IFS or SFA, just differing opinions on what we think is best. If we didn’t discuss features that vehicles were not going to have or do not have then this forum would be pretty boring tbh. Drawing attention due to an opinion and having a discussion is much different than being attacked with nonsense.
  8. Uhh I am the one actually attempting to discuss a topic here and getting attacked and somehow responding to trolling/memes is on me?????? Or are dissenting opinions not welcome here????
  9. I think for this type of market SFA does attract buyers but time will tell with the Bronco. I don’t think it impacts Jeep market much and it would probably lose 10% without SFA too.
  10. Too in-depth for you to add anything constructive??? I get it, critical thinking can be tough for some!
  11. Your really going around in circles but anyways you proved my point with win-win casual and hardcore buyers... Thanks! Most cases of part wear on a SFA do not cause DW either. If people can’t maintain the front suspension on a vehicle then it shouldn’t be going down the road anyway.
  12. The point is that it does not deter casual buyers. If the Bronco is “pure cool” then it should sell with a SFA by your logic too?? Your just proving my point that SFA captures the largest amount of prospective buyers by saying people buy on impulse anyways. Must have missed the part where I said DW was an advantage?? Something caused by wear items (or lately in Ford’s case poor quality OEM parts). So nothing in IFS wears out it and causes front end issues??
  13. Sure, but as I previously said SFA has other advantages even if your not building a rock crawler or serious off-roader. Most new Jeeps are indeed mall crawlers which to me shows that SFA is not a deterrent to most casual buyers and keeps the more involved buyer happy. That seems like a win-win to me??
  14. Someone should tell the over 200k people that buy Jeeps that no one wants SFA. If we were here bitching about putting say the 7.3 in the new Bronco I would get your point. I do however think there is a fairly large percentage of perspective buyers that would prefer a SFA.
  15. I heard hooked on phonics was having a special since your clearly having trouble with things.... might take you a while to find it though internet tough guy...