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  1. Hopefully there in about 15 years when I am due for my midlife crisis. In the meantime why did I sell that mint 91 notchback 10 years ago 😬.
  2. Same here, they ever discontinue the regular ole V8 Mustang GT I will lose my loyalty to Ford. Still such a great performance value.
  3. Steve557

    Romeo engine closure

    I hope this is not the end of the 6.2...
  4. Steve557

    New light & medium duty news

    Meh I still prefer the E vans for reliability over the Transits along with a slew of other things. Would have been nice if they kept one of the Vans (350?) around for those who prefer and don’t feel like spending the money on a cutaway body ( $$$$ versus the old vans). Could have even dropped the 5.0 in.
  5. Steve557

    Free replacement part FOREVER

    Glad I bought a new E-350 cutaway to replace my old van (much more reliable than Transit). How many years have they been building RWD vehicles for???
  6. Steve557

    New light & medium duty news

    I always wonder when I see a Transit cutaway (pretty rare thankfully) what the person/company was thinking buying it over an Econoline. Maybe cost wise some savings can be had in the short term? Such a failure on Ford’s part to “replace” a vehicle and not actually do it for lot’s of applications (motorhomes and ambulances to name a few).
  7. Steve557

    New light & medium duty news

    Looks just like mine except I got the chrome bumpers 😁. I haven’t found many shortcomings for the old E compared to the Transit. 6.2 is like a rocket compared to the old 5.4 2 valves that’s for sure. Lose some MPG’s but I expect to outlast a comparable Transit by a large margin (6.2 6R140 combo vs. whatever junk is in Transit 😂) .Ford has always meant overbuilt in severe duty applications for me (6R100 excluded cheap move for Super Duty). Vastly prefer the seating position in the E also, okay it looks a hell of a lot better and makes that V8 noise too😂. And my bumpers aren’t fisher price too, can Ford just bring the real van’s back please?????
  8. Hmm, let’s accelerate the change from gasoline powered cars to natural gas and coal powered ones. 😂
  9. Steve557

    New light & medium duty news

    And the reliability the E had/has in my opinion. A little more expensive but got a E350 SRW with KUV back to put off a euro van as long as I can.
  10. Steve557

    Old Fords at Work

    Cool pics, always nice to see a clean L still on the road. I live down on the South Coast of Mass and still occasionally see them with municipalities.
  11. Not just that but lots of options and trims are not available with chassis cab while 450 pickup offers everything. Motor is detuned in chassis cabs also.
  12. Wouldn’t max payload be the 7.3??
  13. You do get the wide track super 60 front axle also along with the 19.5” 10 lug rims also. The lack of the 7.3 450 pickup is pretty dumb IMO. Heck I think the video Ford used to announce the 7.3 had a 450 running around.
  14. $10.5k upcharge for Diesel with the 20’s. I look forward to ordering a 7.3 at $1700 upcharge.