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  1. DoubleTap

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    I second the Upfitter switch option or even standard equipment. Must have IMO...
  2. DoubleTap

    Engine vibration with cold weather

    I know this is old news but my wife’s 08 Edge Limited with 200k + miles had this vibration and the new motor mount on the drivers side made it drive like a new car. Now it is time to pull the dash again for round 2 on the heater fix. We drove new Edge ST at Texas NASCAR Race in November. Probably will have one sometime in 2019.
  3. DoubleTap

    2018 F-250 Lariat on order - COTUS?

    Thank You ! Still faster than my dealer .........
  4. DoubleTap

    2018 F-250 Lariat on order - COTUS?

    Just looked at COTUS for my 2018 F250 Lariat. History is: Ordered 3/23, VIN 3/27, Estimated by dealer to build week of 5/14, COTUS Estimated delivery 6/8, bumped to 6/14, bumped again to 6/28 after Fire, now bumped again this morning to 7/7 (Saturday) In Order Processing the entire time. My VIN is: 1FT7W2B62JEC74587 Sure would like someone who can look at it and give me the real deal....... Can't seem to get info out of my dealer. Order acknowledgement showed Priority 10, now 17.
  5. Below is an article with Bad News for Super Duty buyers with Sold Orders waiting production: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2018/05/ford-f-series-production-resume-sooner-expected/ Mine was supposed to be made tomorrow. I have sold 2 Ford trucks in the last month bought new to order a Lariat F250. All I ask for is the truth from someone who knows.
  6. Well yes.... It was a Scout SS II ragtop floor shift automatic too. Or maybe I would rather have the 70 Model LT1 Z28 I traded in on it. For sure cant look back on past decisions, but sometimes I do wish I was 18 and know what I know now.
  7. I am not in the car industry but have bought 16 + new personal cars in my 48 years of driving. 2 New Mustangs, 2 New Excursions, 2 New F150's, 1 New F350, 3 Suburbans, 1 S-10 Blazer, 2 Compact Toyota Pick Ups, 1 IH Scout, and a new F250 Super Duty Lariat on order that was supposed to be built this coming Monday. Obviously, I have converted to 100% Ford since the 2000 model year because GM left me hanging with no 3/4 ton Diesel SUV availability and in the recent past due to political $$$ bail out reasons. I will never go back to GM regardless and don't fly their flag at NASCAR races like I do for Ford Racing. I survived the 6.0 L debacle that cost me over $1.5K due to a dishonest dealer, stupid quality issues like the Edge heater core, door wiring harness breaks on the F150 and I am sure a few others. I am not counting the new cars my wife has driven (08 Edge now with 193,000 + miles on it) I spent 29 years in very large corporate retail and know hard business decisions are necessary in a changing environment as the Ward's article pointed out. I have wondered for YEARS as tens of thousands of GM Tahoes, Suburbans, Escalades, Yukons etc have hit the highway, "Where is Big Blue?" I guess my point in this rant is it is a business decision and nothing else. I hope it pays off because I think I am going to buy my first direct share of Ford stock. I vaguely remember a slogan called "BOLD MOVES" http://wardsauto.com/news-analysis/ford-reveals-bold-moves-campaign P.S. I might have to rethink this if my $3000 PCO expires before my F250 hits the ground..... LOL
  8. DoubleTap

    F150/ Super Duty

    Is this a random deal or does the sales staff know about it? Have a 250 Lariat due to land 6/11. $3K would be a big help.