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  1. Goalkeeper

    2019 Lincoln Navigator mirror

    Shoot...same here 2018 Reserve about 29k miles. Initially had the side mirrors clicking and not resetting to Saved profile positions, as well as the seat settings not being recalled correctly. Had this issue “fixed” after numerous attempts as the dealer finally resolved the issue. But about a week ago, the mirrors started clicking again and not returning to set position - and now the seat is the same way...every time I get in I have to manually move everything into position. Even though I again Save the positions, they don’t hold. Please update with your dealer visit results. I’m planning on scheduling an appt as well. Thanks!
  2. Goalkeeper

    2018 Navigator - RFID Blocking Windshield?

    No sorry, I haven’t had the occasion to try it at an airport.
  3. Goalkeeper

    2018 Navigator Issues...Maybe?

    Hi! I have a 18 Reserve that’s 14 months old now and suffered both the side mirror clicking and the rear hatch auto opening. I finally had both side mirror motors replaced and haven’t had the issue since! it took some time, and a few videos emailed to the dealership, but they were finally able to witness the clicking. For me, over the last year, it started out intermittently, but progressively grew more common. Theres a tsb for the rear hatch, and the expeditions are apparently experiencing it as well. You should insist the dealer research that and correct the issue. -Matt
  4. Goalkeeper

    2018 Navigator - RFID Blocking Windshield?

    Hi! I’m new here 😊 2018 Navi Reserve purchased in Feb 2018. Just hit 20k miles and love the vehicle still. I had the same issue with my ezpass which did not work were the manual indicated it should be mounted. So I mounted mine on the sunroof glass...and it works perfectly. Just an option to consider and it’s safely inside vs an external plate mount. -Matt