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  1. "You'll get it when you get it" thanks for the great advice. I found this site and thought that it might have better information than i was getting from my dealer, or Ford Performance & Marketing or the Ordering Site. All we got from Ford was car was in production on 2/15 until yesterday. That's 4 weeks with no explanation. Finally yesterday it showed up on ramp for shipping with an estimated delivery of 5/1/19. That will be 6 months. At no time did Ford explain, even to my dealer, what was going on. This is no way to run a car company! Ford is the bad guy here, not us customers. Needless to say i don't need anything else from you, especially your advice.
  2. I wasn't trying to BS you, its just that the frustration level is getting ridiculous and my dealer is not getting any updates. Its been over 2 months since my car was supposedly built. Others with higher vins have gotten their cars. Does not make sense and Ford doesn't appear to care. I know you get a lot of request, but was hoping you might have better info than VCR or Order Tracking system which neither show any update since 2/15/19. This will be my last post, thanks for doing what you do!
  3. Still not getting any specific info other than car is built since 2/15/19. Any update on your end? 1FA6P8CF0K5157379 Are you looking at VVR or another data source? Thanks!
  4. KenC

    Mustang Order

    Congards! Mine is a little over 500 cars after yours with similiar options. But still no word on any movement.
  5. THANKS, was hoping you would have better info than VVR. Someone at Ford has better info, not sure why they won't tell even my dealer. They should have a recovery plan for those cars effected by steering wheel shortages. I appreciate your efforts and will not be asking for anymore help. Thanks again!
  6. I appreciate your efforts and would like a one time status for my Mustang, ordered 11/1/19. VIN 1FA6P8CF0K5157379 I am assuming you have more accurate info than VVR and Customer Vehicle Ordering System, and am aware of steering wheel issue. Thanks in advance!
  7. KenC

    Mustang Order

    I am a diehard Ford blue blood for 40yrs. I currently have 3 Fords and one almost Ford (Cobra replica). In Oct I sold my 2013 Mustang GT and then went to dealer to buy new one. None available like i wanted in area, so I ordered one, 11/1/19. Was told 8-10 weeks. No problem, so i ordered the car. In about 6 weeks i received an acceptance of the order, a VIN and a "schedule to date" of 17 Feb 19. I was told to track the order using the Customer Order Tracking System website. Well the dates have come and gone and no explanation until today which had a generic statement about suppliers. The dealer has not been able to get any update on delivery either, only that car was in production. I know about the issue with Magna Ride and steering wheels. My issue is that no one can tell my dealer (therefore me) the exact status of my car. Its like manufacturing and sales are not connected. I know 8,000 cars without steering wheels is hard to get resheduled, but to not be able to get an estimated delivery date now is hard to believe. Would be nice to have a date! The bigger problem is that it will be over 5 months to get me a Mustang. The dealership (owns about 6) appears to have had allocation and he's big enough that he owns a new Ford GT. I know Ford is reducing car sales, but Mustang is a premiere model and to have to wait 5-6 months is ridiculous. If it was a GT350 or 500 or GT, maybe, but a Mustang GT!!!! OBTW once it's built, i'm told it could be 2-3 weeks to get delivered. I already have my trailer hooked up to my F150 and can be there in 8 hours to pick it up 👍
  8. KenC

    Panoramic Roof

    I have a 2017 Edge and recently had the panoramic roof crack like crazy. Not the typical spider crack, but curvy, non-uniform, multiple shapes. Dealer says not warranty because they found a slight chip. Anybody else had this problem? Worse case have to submit to insurance.
  9. KenC

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    OK, i'm an engineer that can't type 😎
  10. KenC

    Mustang GT tuning

    I'm waiting on the Ford tune to get CAFE approval for 18/19. Probably best for a daily driver that will stay basically stock and keep the warranty. More torque above 3K and power above 3.5K. Either PP 1 or 2. PP1 probably 30hp/q than stock and mostly in 3-5500 rpm. 2 provides about 10 more hp/q more than 1. I know others claim more, but if your not going to mod your car much, this is a viable option.
  11. I wouldn't be as frustrated if i hadn't sold my 2013 Mustang first! I also ordered Magna ride, but not sure if that impacted. My vin ended in 57379.
  12. KenC

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    I can get my own steering wheel, just need my car almost 5 months now, unexceptable !!!! Actually would swap in GT350 steering wheel, but would have to give up heated wheel which i don't need, but car has it, and it probably would bother me to give up something i paided for.
  13. Anybody interested in a loaded 2003 Lincoln LS V8? Little pocket road that handles exceptionally well. 88K miles.