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  1. The guide does however mention Piano Key Shifter and Phone As A Key - new features for 2021.
  2. Attn Admins/Moderators: Any particular reason this thread is in the 'Ford Motor Company Discussion Forum' instead of the 'Lincoln Motor Company Discussion Forum'? Just curious, as I'm keenly awaiting news about the '21 Nautilus and typically go directly to the Lincoln Forum. - Richard
  3. ^ @akirby, the area/row of the order guide you've highlighted pertains to option code "J2D', which is the option code for All-Wheel Drive on the Reserve model. In my opinion there is a typo here, in that they neglected to insert the following text: Note: Only available when ordering Sport Pkg. (66U) Two rows down (in the engine detail section) it's mentioned that the 2.3L engine is only available when ordering the Sport Pkg. (66U); it also mentions the 2.3L engine requires AWD (J2D). The Sport Pkg itself (option code 66U) lists the 2.3L engine as being part of that package. IMO, for 2021 Lincoln is forcing us to specify the Sport Pkg if we want to have the 2.3L engine, whether we order the standard Corsair or a Reserve model. - Richard
  4. ^ I would guess around the end of October, when the Order Guide is set to be released.
  5. ^ Well, if the guy was genuinely fired for the photo(s), then there must be some truth that the 2021 Nautilus will indeed have a new interior. I guess we'll learn more about the new interior when Lincoln releases the order guide for the '21 Nautilus - around the end of October? According to Donlen.com production of the '21 Nautilus will begin Jan. 25, 2021. Same production start-up date for the 2021 Edge. Both vehicles will likely get Sync 4.
  6. Unlike the P-R-N-D arrangement on the 2020 Navigator, Aviator and Corsair, I notice they've added an "S" piano key to the transmission piano key array on the 2021 Nautilus. I like this! 😀 As well, it appears they've located the engine start button to the left of the P (Park) piano key. I'm sure the steering wheel they'll use won't be the one depicted in the above photo - it will likely be the same one found in the Aviator and Corsair. I'm liking the 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen brought over from the Aviator. Or is this screen even larger than the one in the Aviator? Perhaps a 12-inch screen? I wonder if a HUD unit will be available on the '21? I'm guessing it will be.
  7. According to Ford Authority, the 2021 Nautilus will indeed have a heavily revised interior. Link to article: https://fordauthority.com/2020/09/heavily-revised-2021-lincoln-nautilus-interior-leaked-in-new-photo/ Per my opening post in this thread, it looks like the information my sales guy told me (in Oct. 2019) at the local Lincoln dealership was correct. 😁 Donlen indicates that production of the 2021 Nautilus will begin on Jan. 25, 2021.
  8. ^ Hey Deafsoundguy, good to read your comments about the Corsair - thanks for posting. I agree with your wife's take on the Corsair - too small, too low. I went and had a 2nd look at a Corsair at the local Lincoln dealer. The Corsair I inspected (and drove) today was a black on black 2.0 Reserve model, and I decided on this 2nd look that Lincoln went overboard with their use of chrome trim in the interior. Sitting in the driver's seat I felt the interior wasn't roomy enough, you know in terms of "all around personal space". As well I noticed front passenger footwell space seems reduced as compared to the previous MKC model - perhaps a consequence of "cab forward" design to gain more rear seat legroom? The Corsair could really have benefited from a longer wheelbase. The vehicle just needs to be 3-5 inches longer! So it's almost confirmed now that the new Corsair will not suit us, for reasons of size/space and a few interior design dislikes. I could find nothing about the exterior design to criticize (other than overall size) - I really like the exterior styling. Hope your ordered Nautilus gets to you folks before Christmas. Much to look forward to - Congrats! 👍 Cheers Richard
  9. If Lincoln does nothing with the Nautilus for three additional model-years, sales of the vehicle will nosedive and will likely result in significant layoffs at the Oakville plant. All the while the Lexus RX and Cadillac XT5 will be eating Nautilus' lunch. The 2019 minor exterior "refresh" of the vehicle (where the name Nautilus replaced MKX) was little more than a front end update.
  10. ^ As akirby mentioned in his earlier post... what else do the Lincoln developers/engineers have to work on just now? 😁 As well.. it is my understanding that Lincoln would really like to add Head-Up Display (HUD) to the options list for the Nautilus. (HUD is available on the Aviator, Corsair, XT5 and XT4, to name just a few). Adding HUD involves a major modification to the dash -- may as well proceed with an entirely updated dash and center stack/console while they're at it.
  11. ^ Assimilator, you might be right... but it's hard to believe Lincoln will leave the Nautilus completely "as is" for three additional model-years.
  12. ^ That's absolutely right... and as well.. didn't Lincoln bring forward the introduction of the Corsair by one year? That action in itself probably delayed development work of the Nautilus' new/refreshed interior. IMO the 2019 front clip looks fine - it matches all the other Lincoln SUVs.
  13. ^ Deafsoundguy, while it may seem odd that they would do another refresh on the Nautilus, you have to keep in mind the 2019 refresh was essentially only a mild exterior refresh of the MKX - they didn't touch the interior. With the introduction of the latest Navigator and new Aviator and Corsair with their class-leading interior designs, it suddenly makes the interior of the Nautilus (MKX) look dated and not at all in keeping with Lincoln's new design language. As a result sales of the Nautilus will no doubt suffer until an interior refresh comes along. I'm guessing Lincoln is pretty anxious to update the Nautilus to achieve interior uniformity across their entire SUV product line and provide a VERY compelling competitor vehicle to the likes of the Cadillac XT5 and Lexus RX (the segment's current sales leaders). IMO.. with an (overdue) interior refresh of the Nautilus, Lincoln won't need to introduce an all-new Nautilus for a few years.