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  1. Hopefully a large change in the 2021 Order Guide! Thanks for keeping us informed.
  2. Thanks for the information.
  3. ice-capades, Can you confirm the interpretation above that the Corsair no longer can be ordered with the 2.3/AWD option? And that the only way to get the 2.3/AWD is to order a 2021 Corsair is with the Sport Package? I'm pretty sure the dealers have missed this change, if it is the case. Also, any timeline on the Grand Touring version? Is the info I've "heard" that production starts on 11/9 correct? Plus of course the ok to sell date to be established thereafter. And any news on when the 2021 Nautilus Order Guide will be posted? I think you have said previously maybe by end of October. Many, many thanks, Tom
  4. Any info out there as to when the GT will show up in dealers? Read that production for the 2021 Corsair started 10/5, last Monday, and the GT starts 11/9. Can't find out if these are OK to Sell dates, or just early production to get certified, etc.?
  5. I meant to say "rethink which Corsair I should consider." I need to see the actual performance of the GT (Under 6.5-7.0 seconds 0-60?), and if around that, probably my first choice. Otherwise, a Reserve 2.0 AWD, or maybe a 2.3 AWD Sport, in that order. I currently have 2X2019s, a 2.0 FWD MKC and a 2.3AWD MKC. Also looking at the Mustang Mach E Premium. Have one on order, but only a recent order, so not really an option for another year or so.
  6. So can only get the 2.3 in the Sport model, no longer available in a "regular" Reserve. If so, I need to rethink a 2021 Corsair.
  7. To help me understand, can I order the 2.3 AWD WITHOUT selecting the Sport option? Page 5, top section re 2.3/AWD, says only with Sport package.
  8. Reference the 2021 Corsair Order Guide: Note there appears an "error of omission" pertaining to the 360 Camera, regarding the Grand Touring model. Page 2 (Major Features, including the GT) indicates the camera washer (F & R) is standard in the Co-Pilot 360 Plus Package 67B. But, on Page 11, regarding the GT, that package 67B description does not include the camera washer (F&R) language. Hope someone can correct the Order Guide so the dealers can answer consumer questions that may come up do the conflict of information. My "guess" is the Grand Touring model with this 67B option WILL include the camera washers.
  9. Now that the order guide is available, one major change is that for the 2021, the 2.3 engine AWD option is only available with the Sport Option, not as an option to a Reserve that is not a Sport. Makes little or no sense!
  10. TxTom

    Order Guide Updates

    Many thanks...now we just need the 2021 Nautilus Order Guide.
  11. If anyone can access and post on this Forum the 2021 Corsair Order Guide (hopefully it includes the GT model), I'd really appreciate it. I understand that production for the GT starts in November, and non-GT production starts in October. Many thanks...
  12. TxTom

    Order Guide Updates

    Any help to access the Order Guide for the 2021 Corsair is much appreciated. I've seen info that it is available for the Dealers. Many thanks, Tom (owner of two 2019 MKCs, and previously a 2015 MKC and a 2015 Escape)
  13. We have had a '19 MKC Reserve 2.3 AWD for a year now and like you have settled down with using Normal mode with an occasional Sport mode selection given the driving situation. Bought this car for my wife replacing her '15 Escape Titanium. Unlike your spouse it's definitely an overkill since she is not a "car girl." I get to drive it on occasion and am impressed with its performance. The size for us replicates the Escape but adds many amenities like Adaptive Cruise Control and AWD. If I needed to go bigger I would have considered the Corsair or possibly the Nautilus. Kind of prefer the Lincoln brand now after years of GM, and most recently an '18 Audi Q5, which last month I traded straight across for a '19 MKC Reserve 2.0 FWD. More nimble than the 2.3, good acceleration and better gas mileage. Great around town car so far. Sport mode does not adjust the suspension but its standard setup is very good, and it really does change the feel of acceleration. Use it occasionally as in the 2.3.
  14. TxTom

    Pimping out my Nautilus wheels!

    As info, in Texas the state sales tax on new cars is 6.25%. When tradings car in, not a leased car, you pay sales tax on the difference, not the total. So to trade in, that helps soften the blow. To sell privately or sell to Carmax you have to get more than 6.25% to make it worthwhile.
  15. TxTom

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I'm preparing to order a 2019 Lincoln MKC but am curious to know if the Louisville Assembly Plant will shut down any time for the holidays in December/January? I see production is scheduled for the week of 12/17. Also, does anyone know if they offer plant tours to the public? Many thanks, T Tom