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  1. 11lariat

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Thank you!
  2. 11lariat

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Thanks for this ice-capades. I have one more when you have a moment - this will be the last for a while I hope (I bought this one!): 1FMJU2A54EEF08752
  3. 11lariat

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Hi - could you please do a window sticker for this 2012 Expedition? The dealer's description lists a couple of things that seem to contradict, so thought it'd be easier to go to the sticker! Thanks in advance 1FMJU2A51CEF41401
  4. Glad it's not just me!
  5. 11lariat

    Well I guess the Bronco rumors were true...

    Sad that they say they don't see a business case for the Coyote. Would absolutely love a 5.0 Bronco Raptor!
  6. I remember seeing this thing back in the day and thinking it looked crazy fun
  7. 11lariat

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Thank you ice-capades - you rock!
  8. 11lariat

    Window Sticker Lookup

    This is fantastic! I would hugely appreciate if I could get a PDF of the sticker for a 2014 Expedition I’m planning to purchase: 1FMJU1J54EEF20071