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  1. njDave

    Sport Mode A/V

    I have read that is simulated noise piped through the stereo, not actual engine/exhaust. Any truth to that?
  2. njDave

    F-150 Aero-X Fastback

    Kills the use of the bed though, not a practical mod to me for a truck.
  3. njDave

    Don’t buy a Ford

    As with anything else there are good and bad service providers. My local Ford dealer is privately owned and has been great to work with. In process of buying a 2020 Explrorer from them now. Subaru on the other side has gone down hill. Had to get a repair for the wifes car and they couldnt be bothered since it was a recall. Another 30 mins away was more than happy to take it in the next day.