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  1. I tried to recalibrate several times and it never worked. The stop I made is working so I'm not going to change it. The mirrors operate fine now. I appreciate the help. Sanman68
  2. I added a metal stop I made from a piece of scrap metal. I glued it in with black silicone adhesive. I looks like this. It works for now.
  3. So I spent my night tonight taking apart my passenger mirror on my 2015 Lincoln MKC. It is the automatic folding type, heated, and has BLIS, and probably other stuff I can even think of. Anyhow my mirror closes just fine but when it opens it goes past the stop for straight out and the mirror ends up pointing to the front of the car. By taking the mirror apart as far as I did I realized the entire top painted surface is removable and could be put on another mirror. Great no paint. What I need to know is where is the stop for normal driving position? It obviously is somewhere in the bottom piece. Can the stop be serviced and or repaired? These mirrors have a simple job to do and are very expensive for what you get. I really want to fix the one I have. Thanks Sanman
  4. sanman68

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    Ok, so I found a place that would install a used transmission for about 3k. They are getting the trans for 2k and 1000 to install. I going to fix the rest of the car and decide how to tackle the trans after. Right now I would say I would pay the 1000 bucks to get somebody to install for me. Sanman68
  5. I wont be doing this swap now. Good to know. thanks Sanman
  6. sanman68

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    Probably a good idea. Im going to do some calling tomorrow. Need a price on a boneyard trans, I want to get a quote for installation just to see if it is worth me doing. Whilw Im talking to the shop I can see what they say about fixing my trans. Sanman
  7. sanman68

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    Thanks for the advice guys. Your support is awesome. I am a gearhead. I am thinking swapping the trans myself. How hard is it? My car is a 2.3 with AWD. My first thought is get one from the boneyard. But I might go with the warranty. Wont know anything til Tuesday. It seemed only one section of the housing was cracked. Do I need to flash the ecu for the new trans? What do I need for that? Thanks again Sanman
  8. sanman68

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    The transmission was damage in the accident. It cracked the housing and is going to need to be replaced. Sad day. Live and learn.
  9. sanman68

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    I just watch a youtube video on how to change transmission fluid on a ford escape. Close enough. So I took the level check plug out, and nothing came out. I had the car up on the jack, but I figured no biggie. The best way to make sure I have enough fluid is to drain the fluid then add 4.5 quarts. It is late and that's all I'm doing for tonight. Thanks Sanman Oh, another thing. I am anticipating a significant leak/hose problem or a full transmission,
  10. sanman68

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    checked the cable is attached, I am thinking now there be no transmission fluid in the trans. How do you check the fluid level? I know you are supposed to check it warm, but what is the level supposed to be? I got the cap off, I don't see any fluid with the engine off. I will know more tomorrow.
  11. Guys I need some help. I bought a 2015 MKC with a 2.3 engine from a auction. The car was hit on the passenger tire. It bent the strut and broke the tie rod. the LCA was also bent. Anyhow now the trans will not engage. The shifter is moving but it seems like it is not connected to anything. I have checked the fuses. I have not checked the fluid level yet. I do not have a code reader now. Does anybody have any ideas? Could a senser near the wheel have been damaged and causing the trans to not engage? I am assuming the vehicle was working when involved with a moving crash? Everything else seems to be working and the car has 54k miles. The battery was completely dead too if that maters Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. Greg Santer
  12. sanman68

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Thankyou so much. You have made my day!!!
  13. sanman68

    Full synthetic oil change

    I would always use a 100% synthetic in a turbocharged direct injection engine. The engines in MKC are 2.0 and 2.3 ecoboost. They are known for building up carbon deposits on the intake valves. There are many schools of thought about what causes it and how to prevent it, but related to oil; Changing the oil every 5K and using a full synthetic will help prevent some of the intakes deposits. Clean oil is less likely to vaporize and go thru the PVC system, then gets stuck on the intake valves. A catch can will also help. I always change my own oil because I know it is done right. My 2 cents Sanman
  14. sanman68

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Hi, I could really use a favor. Can I get a window sticker for my 2015 Lincoln MKC. VIN # 5LMTJ2AH1FUJ19020. Thanks Sanman68
  15. sanman68

    How long does a clutch last?

    Weve got 40K miles on our clutch in our 2016 Focus. Im hoping to get 75k miles before replacement. It is a DCT trans. Sanman68