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  1. A couple of days away from the start of week 5 of the strike. New UAW wants are U.S. Equinox production, and increase in Pension pay & benefits for GM's current retires. But GM and UAW still haven't solve the core problems of temps/"part timers" and pay. U.S. Equinox production would probably be the end of the road for CAMI and GM making vehicles in Canada.
  2. Likely depends if FCA chooses to call 3 row Grand Cherokee "Grand Cherokee". There a "Suburban-Size" Jeep BOF , and "Tahoe-Size" Jeep BOF models.
  3. Moody's is threating to downgrade GM's credit rating to Junk:https://seekingalpha.com/news/3500034-gm-ends-strikers-healthcare-junk-floated-moodys
  4. But Ford and FCA are more sensitive to a strike than GM. The fire at a F-Series supplier that hurt production for one week cost Ford $800 million, while the RAM production problems costed FCA over $1 billion (U$D). UAW should drag GM to Halloween where GM will cave in big time.
  5. AlexB

    GM August 2019 Sales Estimates

    Full size SUV production is where the strike will hurt GM the most. The "XT" family at Cadillac seems to be doing well.
  6. AlexB

    August Sales?

    But have used vehicle resideuals held up better than many of the forecasts? Ford credit profits have been good. Question to you (or anybody) how has RAM been doing since the change to quarterly reporting? I see good things ahead for Ford sales given all the new & important product coming. The only question is how disruptive is the F-150 change over on inventory/availability.