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  1. The GT version has gray or black nose/grille?
  2. remember that FMC made a problematic release of Aviator and Explorer with some problems, including the Aviator that the CR picked up was affected by failures.
  3. I loved the design. Will the GT version be called Ford Mustang Mach E GT? It seems to me too long
  4. Ford took plenty of time to take Accord and Camry sales and position itself among the best-selling sedans. Taurus, Focus, Mondeo (Contour) were critically praised cars, but fell into reliability issues. Fusion had great moments, especially in 2009, but Ford missed due to failures in the second generation launch. It's not as if the sedan market isn't profitable, it's about how Ford couldn't retain and steal sales from outside manufacturers within his own country due to the constant search for cost cutting.
  5. The front looks a lot like Edge, which is Ford's most beautiful crossover today. It's not bad and the teasers accused that same Ford Edge style design. I'd like Mach E to gain its own personality, and not a "Mustang SUV." He doesn't look like a Mustang. This brings negative media to such an important car and with a lot of potential to be a mere Mustang poser.
  6. The market for compact pickups is growing in the world, so much so that Ford is developing a pickup truck based on the C2 platform. Nautilus and Corsair so doing well. Aviator could be better if not for everything that happened
  7. Putting a V8 in the GT now contradicts the whole concept created and affirmed. The cars are becoming electrified and the Corvette is up against and unrivaled, so they want to force the GT to be a C8 rival by being a Ford, and another GM. The press is full of intelligent pofissonais who make silly stories to attract laymen.
  8. You say as if that were acceptable. Ford is attempting to restructure after the powershift scandal, has suffered losses in several markets around the world and has had to move out of the sedan and compact segment to try to boost profits, a drastic measure that is viewed negatively. Here in Brazil I read on several web sites about the finishing problems of Explorer, things that are not even found in entry compact cars of emerging countries.
  9. RadicalX

    Fusion styled crossover?

    Lincoln needs subcompact CUV like XC40
  10. RadicalX

    Fusion styled crossover?

    until we get the seventh-generation Mustang
  11. RadicalX

    Fusion styled crossover?

    I think so, because both are on the C2 platform. If even the Fusion crossover will be in C2, what will be left for the CD6? Explorer and Aviator only?
  12. C2 Focus Maverick Kuga/Escape Edge Escort (CN) CD6 Aviator Explorer Taurus (CN) Zephyr (CN)
  13. my question, too But I believe the all new Chinese Taurus moves to CD6 too
  14. Lincoln should consider a Continental - two-tone version