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  1. RadicalX

    Genesis GV80

    i don't like the design, but the interior is awesome
  2. RadicalX

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    Kia and Hyundai have better reliability. Lincoln and Ford need to improve build quality and reliability a lot.
  3. RadicalX

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    Next gen Edge with Focus front grille? Another escape? Ford needs to stop. Ranger and Expedition have better front end and front grille. Would be better to copy those grilles than Focus/Escape smiling grille
  4. RadicalX

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    I'd like to see a Lincoln subcompact crossover like Volvo XC40. It'll increase sales a lot and bring young consumers. Escape is very large to be smallest Lincoln. There was a significant increase in wheelbase compared to MKC
  5. RadicalX

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    It's great to see Lincoln selling 12k cars in the last month. Even though December is an atypical month with huge sales, it's really good for Lincoln.
  6. RadicalX

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    It's impressive that Lincoln had a 17% increase in his sales. Keep the job, especially in Aviator. I hope to see more advertising Corsair too.
  7. How to trust a brand that has fraudulent emissions software? Who can not guarantee that the platform will not come rigged to damage the Ford and cause damage, bankrupt Ford and vw buy it next?😑
  8. Explorer is not bad, but no better than Telluride and Palisade. Cost containment caused Ford to underestimate the segment. Ford needs to focus on constructive quality and reliability. More car reviews are becoming important to consumers and the Internet is quickly spreading the car issues that brands want to hide.
  9. RadicalX

    Mustang Mach E Timeline

    Wonderful. It seems cautious and well programmed. The disastrous release of Aviator and Explorer cannot be repeated.
  10. RadicalX

    Aviator GT C/D Review

    After letting the japanese brands take over the sedans and hatches in the American market, the suvs and crossovers race remained for Ford. But it seems they have not learned from past mistakes and are so ready to lose the crossover and suv battles to the Japanese and now Korean brands. The trucks will be left over. It's very sad to see that they made an ugly Escape, a negative-media Explorer and Aviator, an Ecosport that doesn't even bother a competitor. I think Bronco will have all the work of raising the brand on his own after Powershift's discontent as was Taurus in the 1980s. But who says Ford didn't ruin another model like it ruined Taurus, Fiesta and Focus because of reliability? I vent. Who can change things is you who work and participate in the forum.
  11. Ford dropped the sedans to focus on the suvs, but apparently didn't focus enough. Grotesque finishing errors, faulty screens and now the safety test. Its Better relaunch Explorer next year with all this fixed.
  12. just Ford taking the Kuga's front bumper/grille and putting it in Escape. It's much better than the current smiling face.
  13. Every comment in the Youtube comments session about Escape videos has someone complaining about the design. Ford needs to move and schedule an emergency facelift