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  1. Luckily it won't be called Maverick. http://fordauthority.com/2019/07/new-baby-ford-bronco-will-called-bronco-adventurer/
  2. That's a crossover coupé. Don't expect a traditional boxy style SUV like Range Rover. The Mach 1 will be more X6M looking
  3. Expedition is a big hit. MKZ has been doing very well, and it would be better if it had a Nautilus 8-speed transmission . 400HP, 3.0TT and better transmission would make the MKZ very well ahead of the competition.
  4. But if it's a Maverick engine, I don't see any problem. I didn't know Ford still produced engines in Spain.
  5. I don't like Maverick for Baby Bronco's name. It's like naming a MPV, because Fusion was a MPV in the 00s in Europe. Maverick has a legacy as a coupé.
  6. How does it work? There are literally a dozen sensors permanently monitoring everything from the body’s movement to the vehicle’s motion while also keeping a close eye on whenever the Aviator accelerates or slows down. The highly advanced sensors can read the parameters 500 times per second and work together with a front-mounted camera that scans the road surface almost 50 feet (15.2 meters) ahead. https://www.motor1.com/news/361091/lincoln-aviator-adaptive-suspension-details/
  7. Did not know. Do you have any other news about Corsair?
  8. I think Aviator is the most important release of Lincoln so far. It is an entirely new vehicle, prepared for electrification, intended for a competitive segment, unlike Navigator and Continental, which are intended for very specific consumers. Corsair may not have such a technological showcase of Aviator, but it will also be of enormous importance. We're witnessing the watershed Lincoln, so I hope
  9. Here in Brazil, everyone knows the Maverick as a V8 coupe past-dweller and desired by gearheads. The name Maverick in an SUV would be something extremely negative
  10. respect the Maverick coupe legacy
  11. Aviator Puma Mondeo Cross P758 small pickup Bronco Pickup
  12. RadicalX

    2020 Corvette revealed

    GT active aero, active suspension, carbon fiber wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, gorilla glass windshield; should come out expensive.
  13. RadicalX

    2020 Corvette revealed

    But Multimatic should keep a sizable share of profits. It is worth remembering that a GT caught fire and Ford / Multimatic rewarded with an entirely new GT
  14. RadicalX

    2020 Corvette revealed

    It's curious to know how long GM will keep these prices. I believe that due to the controversies caused by the design they decided on a cheap version. But I believe that, as sales start to succeed, the price will grow considerably. The electrified versions are hardly likely to be accessible, but nothing that will reach the GT, which is a limited and rare production car.
  15. RadicalX

    New Escape

    kuga has a much better front grille
  16. RadicalX


    Why not? Each has its own niche. Ranger having conventional design of pickup, Bronco pickup having rustic style and pure offroad purpose. It is worth remembering that Ford is making a monobloc (P758) pickup too
  17. The wall buttons appears to have been placed after the interior is ready, having no space in the dashboard to put the buttons, have created a column putting all buttons without logic
  18. RadicalX


    Great strategy! If it has a proper name, it would be even better.
  19. It looks like taillight of Equinox or Cruze. I never appreciated the Corvettes rear end design, so I think it's ok! But I read the receipt of the spy shot on the internet and it has been mixed
  20. Escape/Kuga being out of the powershift's problems is a relief. I did not know it used the 6F35! I wonder if Ford was using the 6F35 in Focus and Fiesta instead of Powershift would have been a better choice. Here in Brazil they replaced the Powershift with the 6F15 and it's very good!
  21. Ford has spent years rebuilding reliability with Focus, Escape and Fiesta to ruin everything with Powershift and get back to square one. It seems like a cycle that has no end. They build a reliable car, but it always seems like a catastrophe happens for reliability to be over. The Escort was a great car for three decades, but everything was ruined by the poorly made fifth generation. They did the Focus as a fresh start, and now it was hit by the Powershift. Taurus managed to stay ahead of the Japanese cars in the 80s, but somehow ruined it in the 90s, discontinued it once and now again is out of lineup. Something is wrong and lingers on American brands that can not follow Toyota and Honda.
  22. RadicalX

    And the GT500 is how much?

    This price comes as no surprise to me. Either way, we're ahead of the most epic, powerful and fast production Mustang ever
  23. This reminds me of Opel restructuring by PSA. The brand did not make profit since 1999. Now with Carlos Tavares, Opel seems to have a future. I hope Ford, which has not been profitable for years in Europe, can have positive results after the restructuring like Opel