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  1. Kje1289

    Floor Liners

    I've had WeatherTech's in my previous '11 F150 Lariat and just picked some up for my '15 F150 Platinum. I'll never have another vehicle without them. Perfectly mapped to the vehicle and superior spill protection.
  2. Kje1289

    2020 Corvette revealed

    It sure does look purty. If only money wasn't an option. 😏
  3. Kje1289

    2021 Chevrolet Colorado Revealed

    Not sure what it is, but I've never thought of buying a Chevy truck. I don't find them appealing to the eye and their technology has severely lacked until recent.
  4. Kje1289

    Fusion styled crossover?

    Slightly awkward slightly interesting, the rear 1/4 is different that's for sure.
  5. Kje1289


    Just purchased a new to me '15 F150 Platinum. Loving this truck