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  1. BuckeyeGoose

    '20 Escape-Top Safety Pick

    Some times it hard to tell if its an auto dim issue or crap aftermarket lights at night for me. Tho I did just see an idiot in a MB that had blue LEDs in the headlamps that were close to the grill (I think they are normal amber/yellow running lights)
  2. BuckeyeGoose

    New light & medium duty news

    Its cool for the gimmick factor, but will never be a main stream design.
  3. Agreed, if you can get a full or 80% charge in under 30 minutes, 15 minutes ideally, then the conversion to EV from gas will ramp up. Right now if I have to spend 30+ minutes to charge that will also reduce the turn over at the "pump" as less cars can "fuel up" in a set time.
  4. BuckeyeGoose

    RIP: Ford Flex

    Always though it stood out when it first came out but now it just looks dated
  5. This is what happens when a Land Rover kills a Ranger