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  1. schoenhg

    2019 Corvette vs GT

    Now that the 2020 Corvette is almost here, I am curious as to how the performance of the GT compares to the mid engine Vette? I would like to think that performance is comparable, but exclusivity and rarity of the GT is uncomparable.
  2. schoenhg

    How long does a clutch last?

    For people that have had clutches last a long time, what are your driving styles?
  3. schoenhg

    How may 2012+ 2.0 Focus owners with 5 Speed manuals?

    I am an SE 5 speed owner (2012). As far as I am concerned the automatic was never an option after hearing about all of the relentless issues the PowerShift seems to have.
  4. They really need to clean up their Infiniti brand as well as their large SUVs IMO. Infiniti should have never had CVT transmissions. Their large SUVs seem dated.
  5. schoenhg

    Has anyone taken delivery of 7.3 yet?

    It looks like TFL purchased one, according to the video posted earlier today. It should be interesting to see how they customize it.