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  1. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/new-f-150-raptor-headlights-show-amber-tinted-led-signature.581/
  2. See Confirmation @ https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/2021-bronco-not-eligible-for-x-plan-official-document-confirmation.6988/
  3. Just in - X-PLAN doesn't apply to the 2021 Bronco https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/2021-bronco-not-eligible-for-x-plan-official-document-confirmation.6988/
  4. It just dropped! BRONCO OVERLAND CONCEPT https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/bronco-overland-concept-revealed-with-live-debut-pics-from-super-celebration-east.6326/ Looks great in Area 51
  5. https://www.f150gen14.com/2020/09/23/new-6-8l-engine-coming-for-f-150-in-2022/ Coyote replacement? Raptor bound?
  6. Truck Trend editor needs to read better. The Fall and December dates were clearly in response to the Bronco Build & Price, not the prototype in the photo.
  7. 2021 F-150 product intro training event at Chicagoland Stadium. Cool demo of the Powerboost Hybrid racing a Ram 1500 while towing. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/2021-f-150-showcased-at-intro-training-events.293/
  8. "WARTHOG" officially trademarked https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/ford-trademarks-warthog-name.5379/
  9. Love drone footage! Especially when its around plants. https://www.bronco6g.com/closeups-of-painted-2021-bronco-body-frame-colors-possible-future-mystery-colors/
  10. Bronco 2 door Badlands Trail Rig at Bronco Super Celebration West (Colorado) https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/first-2021-bronco-badlands-2-door-trail-rig-pics-videos-from-bronco-super-celebration-west.5007/
  11. The engineer has already changed his profile: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/2023-bronco-raptor-further-confirmed-by-ford-engineer-profile.4331/ Oops!
  12. He replied directly in Bronco6G https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/ford-is-opening-a-walk-in-bronco-modifications-center-“mod-center”-and-test-track-at-old-wayne-plant-update-ford-says-wont-be-public.3959/post-131754
  13. Lavien

    New gen Raptor pics

    first video drops of the next gen f150forum Raptor. What’s the guess on engine from the sounds?? https://www.f150gen14.com/2020/08/14/first-2022-ford-f-150-raptor-video-look-and-listen-v8-engine-sound/
  14. That's great since it's my favorite color out of the first model year. Here's the Bronco6G Q&A with some real good info. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/our-q-a-and-photos-from-the-first-2021-bronco-ride-along-event.3820/
  15. Lavien

    2021 F-150 Production Information

    Link to the 2021 price list and esourcebook (55 pgs of F150 info): Price list https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/2021-f-150-price-list-msrp-invoice-pricing-all-models-equipment-packages-options-accessories.212/ esourcebook https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/2021-f-150-esourcebook-55-pages-of-specifications-packaging-options-features-etc.202/
  16. Now that's unexpected and impressive! The Sport is going to sell better than most people expect.
  17. Finally a head to head video. Of course the Jeep guys will say it wasn't fair for reasons x,y, and z, but really this is all just for fun. Both Jeep and Bronco are going to be plenty capable for 95% of people out of the box.
  18. Sasquatch Bronco being impressive at Moab. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/moab-treat-for-4-door-bronco-sasquatch-fans-steep-climb-descent-action.3623/
  19. And now Ford is saying latest by September for build & price lol 🤦‍♂️ https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/false-alarm-doh-bronco-build-and-price-configurator-live-by-september-at-the-latest.3374/
  20. This loads for me - https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/video-3-bronco-testers-including-soft-top-and-a-jeep-rubicon-on-transport-truck.3146/
  21. Try that video -- https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/video-3-bronco-testers-including-soft-top-and-a-jeep-rubicon-on-transport-truck.3146/
  22. Ford CFO just said 150k reservations so far on the Q2 earnings call. Any idea why disparity from your 230k reservations quote?
  23. Body in white pics and a whole bunch of test unit production pics from the factory. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/factory-pics-2021-bronco-body-in-white-frame-to-body-marriage-decking-test-units-engine.3097/
  24. I assume that includes both Bronco and Sport? Do you know the ratio between the two?
  25. Wow so there's going to be both a Maverick Pickup and a larger Bronco Pickup (still speculative?). The world's gone pickup crazy