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  1. Ford - zero votes for that name. Change it.
  2. ScottK1

    More Down time!

    Where have you been? Member for 18 years with 8 posts? Just curious...
  3. Why is Ford still using external radio antennas? I can barely remember the last time I had a vehicle that didn't have the antenna integrated into the windows.
  4. I don't understand why automakers even bother with nav systems anymore. I have them in some cars and never use it. It's so much better to just use Google Maps. If I could have ordered without the nav on the 2022 Super Duty, I would have. I also would ditch the SiriusXM, but that wasn't an option any longer for 2022. Again, cell phone, when you want it. I hate those antennas on top of the car.
  5. ScottK1

    2022 f250 updates

    I don't know, but there are a lot more interior updates they could still do to catch up to the new F150. I've seen analysis (by others who know way more than me) of the update cycles of the F series based on the engineering/design teams rotating between lines, and it just seems to be that would land them on more substantial 2023 Super Duty updates. Probably not the engines or transmission since they are mostly new.
  6. ScottK1

    front grill camera

    I don't know about the camera, but if you're parking up to a wall, look into rubber dock bumpers as a more permanent solution to the noodle. I would think you could use FORscan to make any software changes needed to activate the camera. Maybe ask on forums where more customization is done, like here: https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/forum279
  7. On page 2 of the order guide I see that it does say Sync 4 with enhanced voice recognition (under Lariat / Functional). A bit of inconsistency in the materials...
  8. With 10 speed transmission you essentially have extra gears. Are you sure you want SRW with an 18K 5th wheel? Lots of people end up switching to DRW with that size trailer.
  9. ScottK1

    2022 f250 updates

    Actually I think consensus is that 2023 is a redesign year for Super Duty.
  10. Where does 2022 Super Duty fit on this chart? I assume its Sync 4A.
  11. ScottK1

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I ordered on 3/18 and got the same email on Friday. I have no idea how the order was entered since I did it all by phone and email with my dealer. But at least I know that Ford knows that truck belongs to me and I don't need to depend on my dealer for updates. Thanks Ford!
  12. ScottK1

    F350 Heavy Duty Payload Package

    on F350, DRW is 12400, SRW is 11500. Has nothing to do with ultimate package.
  13. ScottK1

    Rapid Red color

    The terminology doesn't negate anything else I said about the difficulty of painting it.
  14. I thought I saw something in marketing materials that there was an improvement for 2022 but I don't think it was referred to as lane-centering. Time will tell. Wish Ford would hurry up and put out some more info, or at least some actual trucks for independent reviewers (like TFL Truck) to test and report on.
  15. ScottK1

    Rapid Red color

    A lot of the options are done in batches. Rapid red is probably the least of your concerns on delays. The extra fee is because it's an extra coat of paint (I see Ford referring to it as having a tinted clear coat). FYI - if you ever need to repair it, the body shops will charge extra also, because its a PIA to replicate tri-coat paints. I like the color but I've learned about tri-coat myself the hard way. Looks great until it needs to be fixed. But get it if you love it. I love seeing more colors on the road.