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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. Very interesting conversations. Great information and opinions. Sadly, at this point in time, I think if the company were to be a major heavy truck manufacturer again, it would need to purchase an existing North American builder. Meanwhile, Ford Otosan builds heavy trucks and engines, and last I read was expanding its sales/service in Europe. Seems odd that some of that knowledge/effort isn't happening in the U.S. (Different markets etc., I know). Would be great to see a new Louisville style truck in service. Just my opinion.
  2. 40 Mile

    Commercial Truck Marketing

    All good points. Can't help but wonder what the response to the ads would be, if the F-Max and Cargo were in the backgound of some pictures. Would likely generate some interesting questions/comments?
  3. In my opinion I agree this is correct. Keep it simple. I know it won't happen (costs, low volumes, etc) , but I think a much larger displacement in-line 6 or V-8 series, designed for primarily using LNG,CNG,LPG fuels, and kept as simple as possible, with uses for other markets also, (other OEMs, Industrial, etc), would be interesting. In many years past, didn't the company have a department/division that marketed engines ?
  4. Yes, my error, should have caught that or worded differently! Should have been more specific about the Transit Custom model, that's not available in N.A. Thanks!
  5. Isn't there a Transit model (Custom?) available in Europe as a Hybrid? Is there a market for it here in North America? Does it have a electric only option?
  6. Meanwhile.... Didn't Ford have a Cargo, assembly plant that recently closed? What happened to the factory/equipment? Didn't they also use Cummins power?
  7. In my opinion some effort to produce LNG/CNG/LPG versions of the ecotorq series would be valuable for certain markets. Costly, I'm sure and not likely to happen. At this time I'm not confident that electric will work everywhere for multiple reasons. Some uses/places, yes. Even with the added complexity, in my opinion, different fuels or some type of hybrid would be useful. I agree with those that think existing engines, will be around for quite some time yet.
  8. New Louisville style cab? Wishful thinking I know.
  9. Agree, Great point on the culture change!
  10. Disappointing to say the the least. A lot of major business points that an average person doesn't see, know of, or can even imagine - for sure -. But, a truck manufacturer that isn't being more active in the medium and smaller class 8 markets in N.A. ( that it once was), difficult to understand. ......... Meanwhile........ Foreign manufacturers more and more visible.
  11. Very interesting and informative, Thanks! Also very disappointing regards U.S. market , I would have to agree.
  12. Any possibility for Ford Otosan? They seem to be very interested in being in the heavy truck business. Last I read, they were expanding into Europe.
  13. When looking at the Ford-Otosan truck models available, (on the website), it is somewhat of a puzzle why some models of the Cargo aren't here in N.A. , and also the Ford powertrain used in Europe? - So to answer my own question - (in my opinion), It would require a large effort, and be a major business decision, and as usual , it is most likely the return on investment. Still see L series trucks in service. And, just speaking for my own experience and opinion - (mostly in the 70's/80's) -, the Louisville was a much better truck to work with than the F series.
  14. Correct. Good points. Also, in my opinion , regarding the rural areas anywhere, I would also add - high cost electricity, remote, and temperature extremes.
  15. Very Interesting information. Thanks!