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  1. jkpearson29

    2021 F250

    Thank you very much!
  2. jkpearson29

    2021 F250

    Cyberdman, Could I please get an update? 1FT7W2BN9MED23442 Much appreciated.
  3. jkpearson29

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Do you mean 3/20? My tracker says the exact same thing and it is apparently being built today. Hopefully that is the case and the tracker updates at some point.
  4. jkpearson29

    2021 F250

    Wow today! Thanks so much!
  5. jkpearson29

    2021 F250

    1FT7W2BN9MED23442 Any information is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  6. jkpearson29

    Enhanced Order tracking

    I totally understand, and I don't blame Ford itself but it is a bad look if I weren't a Ford loyalist and understood how dealers work. I emailed the sales manager today and we'll see where that gets me. Anyway, I don't want to get off track. Just giving an example as to why more transperancy would ne nice.
  7. jkpearson29

    Enhanced Order tracking

    I really wish this would become a reality. In the ideal world the dealer would provide timely updates to the customer. Unfortunately, many times that is not the case. My dealer for example, I have called and called for a VIN and every time I am told there are no updates. Problem is, I know there is a VIN. I ran into a Ford employee at my job and we got to talking and he looked it up and gave me a VIN. I even see my truck on my dealers website with my vin as on order. I know they have it. What motivation they have to withhold it is unclear to me but here we are. If the customer had some direct transparency they wouldn't have people in my situation. I have been a loyal Ford customer for years and I am feeling so put off by this dealer. That reflects on Ford unfortunately. I have no information other than what the tracker provides which we know is inconsistent at best. As far as my dealer knows I don't even have my VIN, I keep asking hoping they'll volunteer it but it never happens. A more transparent process would be very welcome.
  8. Once you get your VIN this is where you can track it. Bookmark it for later. https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking#/
  9. I have zero insider knowledge at all. That being said upfront I have been looking lots of different places for people's experience with ordering a Superduty and this is what it seems to me. The progress for orders has been all over the map. It seemed like things really slowed down for a while there and many who ordered back in December and January are finally getting delivered. Recently it feels like it's been faster. I saw a few ordered in February that people say are already in production. Im sure the mileage varys based on dealer allocation. I would ask the dealer point blank of they have allocation and if they are going to be able to fulfill the order. I have a Superduty on order February 1st but I have no idea the progress because this particular dealer has been hard to get information out of. I do know I already have a VIN and a window sticker but that's about it. I have no idea if I have a production date or not. The tracker just says "in production" with no date. That being said others who ordered around the same time as me have production dates. As I said I have no insider knowledge just thought I would share my experience from looking around the internet for a time frame. Hope it helps just a little. It does feel to me with some February orders in production things are moving a little quicker than they were a month ago. Im sure much has to do with each particular dealer.
  10. jkpearson29

    2021 Expedition changes

    I have been wondering the same thing about the 2022 Superduty? Apparently the orders open on March 15th. I would think we would hear rumors about the interior change by now for both expedition and Superduty if it were happening.
  11. jkpearson29

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Thanks. I was kind of curious if that date would change in the process. My dealer hasn't been much help at all during this process. I call and ask for an update and they say nothing available. I only have a VIN because some kind soul on a Facebook group looked it up for me. Not sure why they wouldn't give it to me and why they want to hold back information. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Having used those inverters for years and having also used the Ford pro power there is definitely nothing the same about them. First off pro power has the Ability to supply way more power. Next, if you want to use an inverter you either better have the truck running or prepare for a dead battery. Pro power allows the battery to maintain itself and only run the truck as needed. Then 5he ability to control from your cell phone is extremely handy. The clean power is another issue. Sensitive electronics will have no problem with pro power. Anyone claiming a simple invertor will do the same thing has not done any research first.
  13. jkpearson29

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Man, it is really tempting to wait and see but I really need a truck this summer. I wonder if you ordered right away and they build in June how quickly I would get a 2022? I have to imagine as a nobody I might be far down the initial surge of orders and might not get one this summer? I don't hate the current interior but the F150 is lights out. Decisions. decisions. Chances are I won't have my truck before the order guide comes out. Then what to do with the truck on order?
  14. It's really awesome. Check out You tube. There are quite a few videos out that show how it works. It will kill some time. 😁 I wanted one soooo bad. Now if only they made it in a Superduty!
  15. You can scratch one wish off your list. The Ford app gives you the ability to see what the pro power is doing as far as electrical load and lets you turn it on and off from your phone.