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  1. At what point does the priority code not matter? I ordered my F150 on 4/14 and received a VIN very quickly. Since then it has been just getting pushed and pushed for the build date. My priority code currently is a 19 and trying to figure out if I should push the dealer to move it up if that will ensure I get my truck faster.
  2. silverboost

    21 F150 - build status

    Oh damn that ain't good. Will need to see if the dealer can bump that up.
  3. silverboost

    21 F150 - build status

    Thank you! Are you able to tell what the order priority is?
  4. silverboost

    21 F150 - build status

    sorry...left off the 1 in the beginning.... vin# 1FTMF1E58MKE15667
  5. silverboost

    21 F150 - build status

    to add to the above...would like to know if possible what the priority code is as well.
  6. Order #3730 Vin # FTMF1E58MKE15667
  7. silverboost

    $1000 Retail Bonus and PCO

    I've never had an issue in the past stacking them and I haven't seen anything to say you can't currently.
  8. silverboost

    STX Package on RCSB!

    Must have been thinking of my other thread. For me when that car came out, bump drafting banned at the super speedways, and turning this into a family sport it just went down hill.
  9. silverboost

    Private Cash Offer

    Request for brochures through the Ford website has always worked for me. I've also called to the Customer Service line and requested them. I've got one right now for $2k that expires on July 6th, but I am applying it to the truck I ordered. May try to get another under my wifes name to see if I can get one with higher value.
  10. That is ugly as hell. Toyota keeps their cars in the stone age with the tech inside....I still can't wrap my head around why they don't step up their game on the technology.
  11. silverboost

    Minivan vs 3 row SUV - why are minivans looked down upon?

    Minivan's work well for people with more than 2 kids. If you don't have more than 2 kids, then why go this route. They have awful resale value and let's face it, there is not a good looking one out there.
  12. silverboost

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    This problem could go away if Ford stepped up and really brought transparency to the build process with their online tools. They have the data and I don't understand why they just don't expose it to the consumers through their own online portals.
  13. Between the money lost from the chip shortage and Covid...Ford is hemorrhaging money along with every other vehicle manufacturer. These exec's have got to be stressed to the max.
  14. silverboost

    5.0 undesirable?

    5.0 is an awesome motor with so much potential if you plan to modify it especially if you are towing. If you plan to stay stock and if just do a tune, I would go with the 3.5 TT V6 as it is killer for towing especially with a tune. Now you put a blower on that 5.0 and it's a beast in all aspects.
  15. silverboost

    Next Generation Nascar Leaked? (Mustang)

    New body looks good, but I still haven't recovered from the "car of tomorrow". In my opinion they completely screwed up the sport with that car and it's gotten to "PG" now. Miss the days of Tony Stewart throwing a his helmet and smashing sides of cars.