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  1. Well I ordered mine back in April and it just got to my dealer yesterday. So roughly 4.5-5 months. I am not a patient person by any means and I almost bought 2-3 different cars in that time but after seeing the ST again in person really happy I waited. I will say this forum and checking the order tracker added to some ease/excitement in waiting.
  2. Very Nice! I ordered that Forged Green in my 2021 ST. It is scheduled for Delivery next week.
  3. Jamo_

    Tracking Aviator order

    Gotcha, once you get a VIN you can track there, you will get a VIN when they pull your order for scheduling as I understand it. Until then you will need to check with your dealer. Keep an eye on the "Scheduling" section at the top of this sub forum to see when they may pull yours. I did this and just checked in with my dealer every other Thursday or so. Hope this helps
  4. Anyone else having issues with the order tracker today? Getting a System Error when I try and load into it.
  5. Jamo_

    Retail vs Stock Order

    If you can, you want your Salesman to put your order in as a 10. 10 is the highest priority for a customer build from my understanding from being on here since April and asking similar questions waiting on my Explorer to get put together
  6. Jamo_

    Shutdown Coming to Chicago?

    Just looked at the build tracker last night and mine finally hit production so that's a plus. Side note, I saw in the order notes for the 22's they can elect to not have the auto start stop.. Wish I would have thought to ask for that on my 21. Has to be the one feature I have hated on all cars. They say its a smooth transition but when I am at a stop light and go to step on the gas and the car jerks for a second to reengage it drives me nuts.
  7. Jamo_

    Shutdown Coming to Chicago?

    Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again. They were just shut down the entire month of July so would be a really big kick in the pants if they did it again just 3-4 short weeks later. I am in the same boat as you Pardsy, I currently have an estimated build date of the 9th of September, but my luck is they will shut down the plant starting that Monday.
  8. Fingers crossed for you ST8. I placed my order for a 21 in April and its set to finally go into production September 1. The 22's may be, and hopefully will be better.
  9. I am curious on how Q3 will look with them shutting down at least 1 production facility for the entire month of July. Does that help them drastically or is it just more of a smoke and mirror play.
  10. Jamo_

    X Plan Pin

    Hey there, Thanks for the heads up. As soon as I got it I reached out to my contact and he made note of it and didn't sound like an issue. Its ordered already but sadly its been delayed again and not scheduled for production until September.
  11. Jamo_

    X Plan Pin

    This was huge! Thank you Succeed. Paying around 60 bucks for a 1 year membership to save me on my upcoming Explorer purchase was a no brainer. Now I just need the Chicago plant to open back up so my car can actually hit the production line.
  12. Jamo_

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Positive Note: Got my Explorer ST pulled last week for a build start date of August 16th. Was worried this morning when I saw they were not scheduling any Explorer builds this week then right after I saw the updated scheduling post my dealer texted me my vin.
  13. Jamo_

    Explorer Timberline

    Late to the party here but I too loved the green that I ended up ordering an ST in this same green. Now to get a build date for it. Now I wish I could get the green interior with it as well but 1 for 2 aint bad.
  14. Jamo_

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I am just patiently waiting for my Explorer ST to get pulled for build. 8 weeks and counting..