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  1. Lee2021


    Count me in as someone who is trying for a PCO, but no luck yet. It looks like many people received an emailed PCO in the past week. Has anyone recently seen a pop-up PCO in the past month? Do I keep trying to bring a pop-up by visiting dealer web sites in Atlanta, Houston, etc, or just focus on getting my info into the Ford marketing system to trigger an email or snail mail? We can wait a few months longer to order the F-350, but my family would love to have this whole thing done and ordered! Thanks!
  2. Lee2021

    Good Day from Spokane

    Good Day from Spokane, the people in this forum were very helpful three years ago during my purchase of a 2018 Focus ST3, when the dealer (Gus Johnson, if you ask) made a mistake with my order, and was more than a bit pig headed about listening to his customer. My tag then was Lee2020, and for some reason I can't reactivate that account. Oh well, on to a new one. Now the current project is to replace our 21 year old 2500 suburban that pulls our travel trailer. F350 it is! Thanks for you help everyone!