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  1. Have a little over 300 miles on our 22 and seeing around mid twenties for range here in Iowa. The last month has been bitter cold here with several days with highs in the single digits. I don’t remember a winter this cold for quite some time. The last couple days temperatures have moderated some and range has jumped to the mid thirties. Hoping for an early spring here to see how much range can be had with this machine.
  2. Evidently they did not attach my email as to this day I have not gotten anything from Ford. I’m not sure what the screenshot is of…appears to be the actual order application. The top right has the dealer name/code and just below is buttons for new order, preview, submit, and more actions.
  3. Since I never got a confirmation from Ford I asked for proof that I actually had an order. Dealer sent me screenshots of their system showing build priority and anticipated build date. Good luck!
  4. Santa brought us a window sticker with blend date 120220106. Appears that after the planned shutdown ours will be built. @bredick What was your priority and what part of the country are you in? Hang in there things are moving.
  5. Your build sounds almost identical to ours. Ours was supposed to be built this week, but have not heard anything yet.
  6. Just off of I-80 here in Iowa there are chargers being installed and should be ready to go online soon. Also, two weeks ago on the Indiana turnpike there were several chargers being installed as well. No doubt the Midwest is behind, but we are slowly catching up.
  7. If it behaves anything like our Volt, and I’m hoping it does. The main points are to utilize the heated seats instead of resistance heating when possible. As you eluded to already driving style has a lot to do with it. Our Volt also sees a reduction in range with my wife driving as well. Our Escape PHEV is scheduled for production in December, so it will be a few months before I can give any real world feedback.
  8. From my understanding only Ford can assign priority 1-9, so I’m not sure how it got assigned. Prior to ordering I could not locate a PHEV within 250 miles, it’s possible that Ford regional got involved.
  9. Just heard back from my dealer and all is well. I now have a VIN and a build date, it also says priority 01. Cannot ask for much more…
  10. Thanks. Since my order was one week ago today and I still have no proof of an order, I believe the dealer owes me an explanation.
  11. I also ordered a 22 Escape PHEV, but have not received anything from Ford in regards to a confirmation. Wondering if you received anything? marc
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