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  1. False I have seen many government vehicles and many of the GSA fleet at least are not the base models I have seen various Escape trims some of them with AWD and various colors not just white and I have also seen various colors of XLT F-150s with 4x4 and 4 doors and Transit XLTs of course I have also seen base models used in the government including a white 2WD regular cab short bed XL F150 with V6 non ecoboost engine
  2. gabby.m

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    1994 Escort sedan first car I owned (still own but haven’t used it since 2005 but runs) 1995 Taurus wagon (still own but not running using it as extra storage for items) 2001 F150 Lariat (sold) 2004 Taurus sedan (sold) 2008 Focus coupe (sold) 2013 F150 platinum (sold) 2017 Taurus Limited (sold) 2019 F150 limited (still own) All black except for the blue Focus coupe
  3. gabby.m

    Rivian Is Now Biggest U.S. Company With No Sales

    Saw a auto carrier with 3 of them yesterday near Dearborn MI it must be the same one that you saw? NVM I just realized you posted on the 14th so it must not be the same one.
  4. Glad to hear that but I wonder why they can’t just put the heated steering wheel chip as well whenever that chip is in stock
  5. I saw a 2010 Flex for sale at a ford dealer with woody side decals and I am wondering how rare they are as I have seen plenty of ford Flex’s without the wood but this was the first time I have ever seen a woody Ford Flex before
  6. I find heated seats to be useless if you use a seat cover to protect your seats as I use a seat cover in my F150 Limited in order to protect my cars seats and the heated seats are useless with them but they are so worth it if you don’t use a seat cover as my husband Mercedes S class has heated seats and he does not use seat covers for his car and they work really well.