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  1. Got my price protection AND X-Plan refund check last week. Took over 70 days from sale date. I personally think they overlooked my refund in accounting because after I talked to the GM I got a call back within an hour saying the check would be ready by 5pm the dame day. If you have waited over 50 days call your dealer and speak to somebody.
  2. With Price protection from order date and Xplan pricing I walked away, (72 days after receiving truck) with a very nice check. Here is the adjustment invoice, see Net Adjustment. Basically when I got the truck they gave me x plan price on invoiced vehicle when it was built. Then adjusted giving me xplan price from order date which resulted in refund check.
  3. I was told that Ford sends dealer the check. The dealer than contacts me when check arrives.
  4. how long did it take you guys to receive your xplan price protection refund from Ford after the sale? I took delivery of my truck at end of November. Per Xplan rules I should receive a check from Ford for the price difference in about 45 days, it been 60 plus days. Emailed dealer with no response. thanks! Ron
  5. I never got an email from Ford. Dealer called and said it’s in while tracker said awaiting shipping.
  6. Hmmm. Makes no sense that some are built and shipped right away while others are built and ready to ship but sit. Mine was built and shipped all in about 4-5 weeks. I did wait just shy of 11 months for it though.
  7. Mine took about 3 weeks to get to Wenatchee Wa.
  8. Got a break in the weather. Here are better pics.
  9. I got mine done this evening. Seemed to work once but now it isn’t. BUT I’m not getting deep sleep alarms anymore. Now FordPass just tells me I must drive vehicle after two failed start attempts. 71 miles on Odo.
  10. My dealer didn’t same with me for rates.I even asked twice about rates. I’m pissed at myself for not really putting my foot down on that. I’ll pay it off soon. This was a stressful and frustrating experience with the dealer, even using Xplan. I felt like I had to be on my toes making sure I wasn’t being screwed after price increases. I didn’t trust them to make sure price protection was done correctly. Even had them call Xplan HQ. Choose your dealer wisely when using Xplan is what I came away with from my experience.
  11. They f’d me on this. I don’t think they even looked and I asked about it with the finance guy. Wondering if I have any recourse with this?
  12. Picked up mine a few days ago. Can’t remote start or lock unlock from app or key fob. 60 miles on vehicle. Today I drove an extra 20 miles to charge battery. Didn’t work. Keep getting deep sleep mode notifications.
  13. Finally got her. Not the best picture but will update later. Had to order wheel well liners. Heads up. Fairway Ford in Ohio has below msrp for parts and they have front and rear wheel well liners in stock. The air dam looks like it will plow snow it’s so big.
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