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  1. Borla has their S Type cat back exhaust out now for the 7.3. Usually check it every few days, so it must have just been added. Edit: They call the standard bed a short bed and a long bed a standard bed. Had me confused for a minute when looking at their wheelbase measurements.
  2. Good evening once again, When you get an opportunity could I get an update please sir.... '22 F250 Lariat Ultimate CCSB 7.3 BAP Carbonized Gray Sales Code: F21212 Order Code: H11G Thank you!
  3. These particular ones are from a guy that goes by lanier_metal on Instagram. I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives but ?. He does some custom ones as well. I saw one on his page that he did that was amber. https://laniermetal.bigcartel.com/ You aren't lying. This is a great place for solid info but bad on the wallet.
  4. I had that same thought. That's why I quit buying stuff for now. Unfortunately the three things I have bought are some of the most expensive.
  5. In the famous words of Mike Jones, "... Five percent tint so you can see up in my window..."
  6. @FirstFord22 I'm sure I could help you think of a few more things. I have plenty left on the list. There's got to be something on there you don't have yet. I went with some wheels from TIS as well (560B) after going back and forth on two other sets for the longest time. It would be a lot more fun if I could get this VIN.
  7. ?? I dont feel so bad now, I've managed to make it two weeks without buying anything. Doing good. Wheels and tires are due to ship soon though.
  8. Throwing back to the other week, has no one had any luck getting the BAP without the bedliner added yet or did I miss that somewhere?
  9. Think I forgot this one on my list. Thinking at some point I may do some grill lights like these pictured (more of an astectic thing than anything). To me they look best in these two grill styles pictured instead of the Lariat grill I'll have because of how they line up with the lights. So thinking I'll have to change the grill out if i decide to do them. Now this will be my first Ford so I'm not sure what belongs to what trim level or year, or if the grills are even interchangeable. Are these KR and Platinum grills or possibly just from one trim level? I may also do a small light bar tucked into the bumper similar to the one in the first picture. Anyone have a particular brand bar they've run that they prefer? Thoughts or info appreciated. Edit... I have a 250 Lariat 7.3 on the way by the way.. left that off.
  10. @FirstFord22 I see the goods are stacking up quickly..lol. Don't worry same here. Have valance, lift and just ordered wheels and tires Friday. Everything else will go on hold until I actually get some info back. Probably should have waited on those big ticket items but ?.
  11. I'm fairly certain they're all some combination of like black, silver, gray. At least all the ones I've seen have been. Carbonized, Iconic and Antinstter pictured.
  12. I do but still no build week/vin, so who knows when that'll be.
  13. I emailed the guy I've been going through last last night about it being on the online builder now but unfortunately the guy that handles the builds was off today. So we'll see tomorrow how it goes.
  14. I see the BAP without the bedliner is up on the website today. Of course it hadn't showed up yet when I stopped back by the dealership Friday.
  15. I went by my dealer Friday and asked about it. They pulled up the build program while I was standing there and we didn't see it on there.
  16. $3.99 for regular unleaded $4.79 for diesel About 30 min south of Charlotte, NC
  17. My coworker just called local place 2 weeks ago, dropped it off 2 days later and back the next day.
  18. Especially when you can get it done locally the next day.
  19. @FirstFord22 yup, figures when I finally decide to change it. I should still be able to save it I believe, also depends on new price cause I'm sure you incur the price increases since initial order that way as well.
  20. I'll give a awhile and see how I adjust to it. If I never do then I'll just strip it odd and go a hair lighter on the front.
  21. I just saw this on the other thread. I emailed my dealer earlier this evening and told them to drop the BAP for the Sport appearance in hopes on speeding it up. Guess I'll see what they say when they answer me back on whether or not they out the change through already or not.
  22. Going 5% over 5% on the back and 5% up front. ?
  23. I just emailed my dealer earlier today to tell them to drop the BAP for the Sport Apperance in hopes of speeding up my order. ?‍♂️
  24. I contacted my rep yesterday to double check the numbers I came up with the online builder. If I came up with the right thing I'm going to drop the BAP for the SAP, add the leds and change the 20s to 18s (saves like $1200) it makes me add for the FX4 package (going aftermarket anyway). I wanted to color match the mirror caps and add a little color match in the grill anyway. I'll do the badges and what not later on. Rather have it here to worry about getting that done than not having it here.
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