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  1. If this is what youre referring to, Ford calls it a reinforcement bracket. One of the guys I work with 22 F350 came with them. I looked into them at one time but they're very pricey.
  2. Thinking about heading this route myself.
  3. About half of the air line and the fittings for the horns came with the horns themselves. A guy with a shop local to me rounded up most of everything else for the install.
  4. I looked into the ARB set up when I was shopping around. A buddy of mine had a new Vixen compressor and 3 gallon tank laying around so I went that route instead. So far so good, other than it being a little slow on the refill but that's to be expected with it just being a single. I'm currently running my horns and a fitting in the bed. I'll see how it does for a while and see if a need arises to upgrade to a dual compressor.
  5. Looks way better imo. I almost changed my Lariat grill out for the high flow but opted for the platinum grill in the end.
  6. Thank you, I'm pretty pleased with how it has come together. Thsnks to everyone here and thr things yall made me buy ?. I was suppose to get it ceramic coated next week but I'm currently waiting on some some bumper pieces to get painted. Brother in law got me in bumper the other week if you didn't see that, so now I have the replacement parts to fix it...?‍♂️. Im going to get my train horns and all that good stuff put on sometime this week so there's some good news.
  7. Has anyone run across a full length molle style bedside rack system for either the driver and/or passenger side of the bed? I know Builtright Industries and Putco both make a system but they're 2 pcs per side that don't join in the middle.
  8. I have the rear seat cover from Marathon and they fit like a glove. They are pricey as well though but you get what you pay for.
  9. Thanks. Headed on vacation now so trying to orcastrate something while I'm gone. Thanks for the tip above too.
  10. I love it so far. Two guys I work with both have standard tint, 5% all the way around and 35% on the windshield and in my opinion my visibility is way better and reduces heat better. We're in NC and we've been sitting around 95 (100-105 heat index) for a while. Its a bit more pricey though, it cost me about $300 more than standard tint.
  11. Well I was at my sisters house yesterday and had a mishap, didn't even make it a month. My brother in law caught me in the rear bumper. It's not as bad as it could have been. Need to replace the bumper, bumper bracket on passenger side and black plastic step piece. Also may need a new sensor and sensor bracket. I'm looking for a carbonized grey bumper with the sensor hole cuts outs. I know its a long shot but wanted to see if anyone out there has taken off their bumper for something aftermarket and has it laying around.
  12. I'm running a 4in lift and assuming the oem bottle jack won't suffice, I plan to test it out later on today. I carry around a plug kit and will soon get my compressor on so that I can do any small repair and get myself rolling again. For those of you running a lift, what are you carrying around in the event of a roadside or parking lot flat?
  13. Can anyone provide me with pics on the bottom side of their 6 inch chrome angular running boards? I'm trying to compare them to the bottom side of the 6" black angular boards that come with my BAP. I'm trying to see if the gap fillers that I've seen the chrome boards with will mount to the black boards as I've never seen any with them. Thanks.
  14. I would think if you laid a little heat to them you should be able to peel them off.
  15. It's Borla's S-Type cat back system, 140843BC. Opted for the BC (black chrome) tip version. Just started shipping them out for the '22 7.3s not long ago. Wasn't expecting to see it until August. Although I wish it was a bit louder but I'm comparing it to my Banks Monster I had on my previous rig and it wqs indeed was a monster ?.
  16. Appreciate it. I'm happy with how it has turned out so far. The bed cover is a Leer HF650M quad fold. The caps are from BFNTruckShop. Decided about halfway through waiting for the truck that I wanted to add in some color match details and was going to just go have everything done locally once the truck got here. Then I figured I'd rather have everything waiting for me when the truck arrived and could sell everything that came off at some point. Think I posted this pic last week of the cover but it's really the only one I have taken of it.
  17. Update from when I picked her up two weeks ago. She has changed a little bit since then.
  18. Well, just picked her up from the shop a few min ago. Since last update the windows have been tinted (5% around, 50% on windshield...went with the ceramic tint), exhaust on and now lift/wheels/tires. Grabbed a few photos, definitely needs to be washed. What's next @FirstFord22?!? Already did grill, fender badges, ovals, mirror caps, mirror lights, bed cover, etc....... ?
  19. Alright, I need a little help. Does anyone know the name or part number for the "running board backer" for lack of a better term between the cab and running board? Also, do they work with the BAP running boards or only with these 6" chrome angular running boards for those with any experience. I have searched for a good while with no results. This is one of my coworkers trucks and came standard on his. I kind of like how it hides being able to see through to the components hanging down under the truck when youre stepped back away from it.
  20. Welp, just finished swapping out all my BAP parts (grill, ovals, fender badges, mirror caps). Also got the mirror lights swapped out for some smoked ones from Recon, got the Leer HF650M bed cover on and Tremor valance. Goes for tint on Tues and gets lift, wheels and tires done Thurs/Friday. Attached a few pics, best I have for now. *Edit* Forgot I threw on front wheel well liners, fender extensions and Marathon rear seat covers last weekend. The exhaust Borla jast released for the 2022 7.3s should be here today, hopefully I have time to get it on tomorrow. Also, a big thanks to @1972Mach1 for the helpful tips on the Lariat grill and rear oval removal. Not sure why the pictures didnt upload in order. ?‍♂️
  21. Good looking out. Think I'm going to try and tackle that this weekend .
  22. Got mine put on Sat, went fairly smoothly. Also got the fender liner extensions put on as well, even simpler.
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