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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Last week my my window sticker was available, this week it says not available! RUT ROH. Wonder what's going on? Another thing, my base price on the window sticker showed a the $1800 increase from when I ordered. I spoke with the dealer and they said no worries, you are price protected from date of order. MSRP Base model J2LO 4x4 reserve in January was $89,745 for those who wish to double check their order versus current window sticker.
  2. Ordered Mid January. Update today show in production. Woo hoo
  3. Sweet, so it looks like your October order was one of the first I have seen here. That being said, almost 5 1/2 months wait for you. Congrats
  4. kookyluke

    Enhanced Order tracking

    I have had nothing but problems utilizing the Lincoln Navigator order tracking site. I enter my vin and order number and must repeat at least 3-4 times to get it to react. Now the site does nothing after entering this information saying refresh your page.
  5. kookyluke

    Bring back the Excursion with 7.3L

    This!!! Have a family of 6. Its impossible to tow the larger trailers with a large enough sitting capacity Navigator etc because they do not have the towing capacity.
  6. kookyluke

    2022 Navigator Questions

    Thanks that makes sense.
  7. kookyluke

    OTA Updates

    The SYNC 4 video on YouTube says to hook your car up to your home WIFI and schedule it to updates in the middle of night as a technique. These updates are said to take as much of a couple hours? Will the car automatically do this when shut down/de powered?
  8. kookyluke

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Looks like we ordered within a few days together hope you hear something soon.
  9. kookyluke

    Production to Delivery

  10. kookyluke

    SYNC 4

  11. kookyluke

    SYNC 4

    I am not too Savvy on the Sync 4 update coming for my ordered 2022 Navigator. Can someone expand on the great features this will have? Thanks
  12. kookyluke

    Ocean Drive Blue or Flight Blue

    I saw this to be pretty much spot on. The flight blue is quite dark but tends to change color as the sun shines on it at different angles.
  13. kookyluke

    2022 Navigator Questions

    So if I ordered a roof rack with my order will they be chrome or black?
  14. When did you order your Navigator?
  15. kookyluke

    Production to Delivery

    My question also. I am hearing production date week should have the vehicle completed within days. Is there a long wait to have it shipped?