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  1. The CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid has "Variable Intermittent Windshield Wipers - Rain Sensing". It's listed under "Exterior Features". 2025 Honda CR-V – Safe & Sporty Compact SUV Crossover The RAV4 has "Rain-sensing variable intermittent windshield wipers with de-icer function and intermittent rear window wiper" available as part of an option package starting from the XLE trim and up. It's listed under "Exterior". 2024 Toyota RAV4 Specifications | Toyota.com
  2. Yes. They should do that; the only problem is Ford doesn't have much to export. Apparently, the current C-segment Territory aka Equator Sport is now Ford's lowest-priced vehicle in China. Hopefully they build the rumored new-gen EcoSport in China so it can also export it to Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, and Mexico. These are markets that need an entry-level Ford. PS: By the way, the refreshed Equator and Equator Sport are not yet on sale.
  3. It's a misconception that all Chinese-built cars have poor build quality. In general, Ford's Asian-built vehicles usually have much less issues and recalls than North American-built models. It's a cultural thing too in Asia I think, cheaper labor doesn't always mean poor performance from workers and Shawn Fain isn't present. Lol In the Philippines, the 1st gen Chinese Territory was sold from 2020 to 2023. The only recall was batch that needed their Electric Battery Sensor (EBS) bracket replaced. The refreshed EcoSport sold from 2018 to early-2022 was also sourced from China, no known issues/ recalls. Ford has also been exporting Chinese Fords to the Middle East for years. When the North American Taurus when it was discontinued several years ago, Ford Middle East shifted to the Chinese Taurus.
  4. I guess the rear overhang is just that much shorter the extra height didn't help much in terms of cargo capacity. The Escape will probably sell better if it didn't have that dated jellybean design. Not unless they were paying tribute to the 3rd gen Taurus, the era when it lost its mid-size crown. Lol The best-selling compact SUV in the USA is the Rav4, a model which hasn't changed much since it made its debut in late 2018. 2019MY RAV4 Adventure shown I think more angular designs tend to age better than the jellybean designs. The modern face is an improvement. I don't think it's enough to make it a best seller. The design language of the Chinese Territory looks much more modern than the Escape.
  5. Although the Bronco Sport is based on the compact Escape, it is much shorter that some people consider it a subcompact. Bronco Sport is 172.7 inches long and has a 105.1-inch wheelbase. Escape is 180.1 inches long (181.2 for the AWD version) and has a 106.7-inch wheelbase. Front legroom is the same between the Bronco Sport and Escape, but the rear legroom of the Bronco Sport is smaller, 36.9 inches vs 39.3 inches. Cargo capacity for the Bronco Sport behind the second-row seats is 32.5 cu. ft. for the 1.5 EB and 29.4 cu. ft. for the 2.0EB. Cargo Capacity for the Escape is 37.5 cu. ft. and 34.4 cu. ft. for the Hybrid versions.
  6. A shortened version of the new C2-based Chinese Edge L would basically be a Ford version of the new gen Lincoln Nautilus (193.2 inches long).
  7. The Edge L is an all-new model based on the C2 platform; it is the 3-row Ford cousin of the new generation Lincoln Nautilus. The base spec Edge L is a 5-seater. The Changan Ford-built Edge L is not a replacement of the JMC-Ford-built Equator. Both the 2-row Equator Sport and 3-row Equator Sport (now with PHEV options) have been refreshed for 2025. C2-based Fords are built by their Changan joint venture.
  8. Toyota (with its new Crown Signia) is sticking to mid-size 2-row CUVs/SUVs. Ford calls models in segments it struggles to compete in "commodity products". Of course if Ford put effort into making these normal vehicles look more interesting, they'd be more desirable. The frequent (monthly?) recalls of North American-made Fords is also another issue that needs to be addressed.
  9. With the EV demand slowing down in Europe, Ford adds a new compact EV that starts at £48,075 ($52,357) to fill the gap between the slightly less expensive compact Explorer EV and the more expensive Mach E. Bottom line, they are way more expensive than the ICE models Ford killed or is about to kill. I'm waiting Ford to say, we're not killing the Focus and Kuga/Escape, we need to make some money. That C2 platform is definitely good for another generation. .
  10. Ford just missed it with this one. The reason the Mach E sort of worked is because it didn't replace the traditional 2-door model. PS: There are similarities with the Polestar 2, but the Polestar actually works better as a Capri. Lol Here's one with Capri styling cues tacked on like the curved rear window shape/C-pillars, and quad headlights. At 58-inches, the Polestar 2 is about the same height as the last Fusion sedan. It's about half a foot lower than the 64-inch-tall Capri EV.
  11. The lower 58-inch tall Polestar 2 has better proportions. More Capri-like than the tall high-waisted Capri EV which shares panels like the doors with the Explorer EV.
  12. What I meant is I would like 5+ inches of the lower body removed. Lol
  13. Both the European Ford Capri and the American fox-body Capri lasted till 1986.
  14. Another case of its a 5-door coupe/sedan but the battery pack makes it half a foot taller than a regular sedan so let's call it an SUV. Extra ground clearance isn't even a thing anymore with SUVs, well, at least if it's electric.
  15. It doesn't look that bad, it just doesn't seem right to call it a Capri. They did get the look of the rearmost pillar though. Would probably look better without the extra 5+ inches of gloss black on the bottom (where the battery pack is).
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