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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. TheQuixotic1

    2023 Ford Ranger Jungle Edition

    Has anyone heard any additional information on the Jungle Edition Splash Package that was leaked/announced back in August?
  2. TheQuixotic1

    Maverick HIGH Demand for Hybrids?

    I was afraid that would be the case. I was hoping it would be Option A as it seems like people wouldn't want to bother ordering a Lariat without the LLP and Ford wouldn't want Lariats going to the floor without the LLP either from a branding and profit standpoint. If production stays just over 60k then that's about 16k Lariats total and only 4k Lariats with the LLP. If we don't know for certain then I will keep my fingers crossed that it is still Option A.
  3. TheQuixotic1

    Maverick HIGH Demand for Hybrids?

    Sorry, I posted the following in the ordering guide thread on accident. Topically I think it belongs here instead. If this commodity list is accurate, does this mean that almost all of the Lariats made will have the Lariat Luxury Package? Or is the package percentage calculated from the trim allocation percentage? Option A.) LLP is 25% of total Maverick production. So of 100 Mavs made, 25 will Lariat with LLP. Option B.) LLP is 25% of the Lariat production. So of 100 Mavs made, 25 will be Lariat and ~7 will be Lariat with LLP.
  4. TheQuixotic1

    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    I find it mind-blowing that the vehicle is mostly able to be ordered yet they still have not officially released it. No AWD on the PHEV means I will probably be keeping my Maverick order in that I submitted on the 16th, but this is just bananas that there has been zero word this entire week on it yet the order bank is open. 🤯
  5. TheQuixotic1

    Maverick HIGH Demand for Hybrids?

    If I am trying to be optimistic about it, my hope is that they saw the amount of orders that were coming in and closed it sooner in order to guarantee as many orders as possible. I know that's a little too optimistic and I don't really believe that myself, but you never know.
  6. TheQuixotic1

    Cost to replace a Cmax Hybrid battery?

    My 2013 C-Max SEL is over 142,000 miles; I ordered mine in August of 2012 and took delivery in Las Vegas in October of 2012. The battery is definitely long in the tooth, but by no means needs to be replaced. Over the last 6 years I have lived in Toledo OH, Erie PA, Fort Wayne IN, and currently the exurbs of Cleveland OH; the entire Midwest area gets maybe an aggregate of 3 months of optimal weather for MPGs a year. With good weather and driving habits I can still hit 40mpg average for several tanks each year. Unless you're cracking 200k in mileage on a 2013 or 2014, or there is something defective with your battery, you shouldn't have to worry about replacing your battery for the life of your vehicle.
  7. TheQuixotic1

    Ventilated Front seats - Ranger

    Over time there usually is a downward matriculation of features to more base models, though. I'm just somewhat surprised that ventilated seats is a feature that has remained at the luxury and full-size truck level and hasn't really started to spread to even top-tier packages on "normal" vehicles.
  8. TheQuixotic1

    Ventilated Front seats - Ranger

    How the technology has existed in luxury vehicles and full-size trucks for this long without making its way into more "average" vehicles is beyond me! If I could only pick between heated and ventilated, I would 100% choose ventilated even though I am in the frigid midwest!
  9. TheQuixotic1

    2023 ford escape lane centering

    I'm guessing it is the same thing, but probably changed just for additional legal "CYA" to mitigate any potential liability even further and to potentially create a distinction going forward for when Blue Cruise gets wider adoption.