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  1. First akirby, this is a Bronco Sport forum and if you read my post, I wasn't referring to just my post, I asked you to look at the main menu, and I didn't come here to get attacked, but that is what you want. BRING IT. I came here share experiences with my BS.
  2. Can't find how to delete this thread. No use posting if this forum is like the others. NO participation, just lurkers. A simple check of the "like" box would make it worthwhile. Just look at the main menu of how many views each post has vs replies and most of the replies are from the person who posted it, just adding updates. SAD!
  3. Just got our Badlands from a Big Bend and love the hell out of it. Way more solid and the 2.0 has some get up and go! Having the perimiter alarm KN1Z-19A361-A installed as not happy with the one that came with the vehicle, plus it includes remote start. Had it on our Big Bend and works just the way I like. Bump the car and it goes off. Also took these 17" wheels off and put the 18", from my Big Bend on. Really sharp.
  4. New here, but probably my 25th new Ford. Just purchased a 2022 Broco Sport Badlands, loaded and love it. Hope to chat more with other BS owners.
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