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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everyone!! While traveling on a busy highway today the dashboard on my 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid lit up like a dash board before ‘dying all of a sudden’ & giving me all of 15-20 yards to stop before the vehicle ceased to function. I’ve had it towed to the dealership because I thought I was under warranty. Turns out that warranty expired 2/5/22! I had *zero* warning signs to expect this. I am a young woman without any male guidance but have always had amazing support in ownership forums. After doing a bit of researching it looks like perhaps it may be a cooling/water pump issue? Still waiting on diagnostics, so no codes to share yet. Sequence of events after stall out: -no power whatsoever -after 30 min a spontaneous power on; lasted < 1 min -able to get the car in neutral from there and steer off to a parking lot. -another 15 min and vehicle powered on to give the dashboard notices (attached) and notice for “full accessory active” use; no heating, AC, or driving abilities -another 15 min attempted power cycle finally showed a ready to drive but it was still unable to drive Logistic history: -would go to start car in the mornings with no power on abilities whatsoever/random dead batteries 2-3x in past 2 years; resulted in the 12v battery replacement recently (~5 months) -trunk seal and other seals replaced after some water was getting in -trunk popping/closing mechanism replaced I’m an elementary school teacher so I’m trying to prepare myself for what I may encounter budget wise. If anyone has any experience with a dealership extending a grace period or good will extension I would love guidance on that. Thanks for your thoughts! Diagnostic turn around is backed up at dealer. Will update when I hear back
  2. MKZ pushes Lincoln dealer profits up Brand's sales could rise 20% in 2014, analysts say; retooling expected to help numbers Karl Henkel / Detroit News A profitable new MKZ sedan boosted Lincoln dealer profits last year, despite the lowest number of cars and SUVs sold in recent history. Sales of Lincoln vehicles overall fell 0.6 percent in 2013 to 81,694. But a 15 percent rise in sales of the luxury brand’s most popular vehicle, which is selling for about $6,000 more than during the previous year, has Lincoln dealers hoping that the brand’s reinvention — which could include sales gains of 20 percent this year — may be ahead of schedule. “When you see the new cars that are coming, this is what’s going to resurrect the Lincoln brand,” said Jere Law, general manager at Varsity Lincoln in Novi. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  3. I hope this isn't the start of a series of problems with my 3 week old car. Yesterday, I was starting to back out of a parking space and the rear parking sensor starts beeping like crazy even though there was absolutely nothing around. Then there was kind of a "galunk" sound and the car shut off. The little wrench icon showed up on the dash and it said "See Manual". When I tried to restart, the "P" button kept flashing and the car wouldn't start. I was sort of panicked by this time so I don't remember everything I did but eventually after pressing the start button multiple times and trying to put it in D, P, and R in various sequences, it finally started. After about a minute or so, the wrench disappeared and did not return during the 15 minute trip home. When I got home, all the manual said was to take it to an authorized dealer. Anyone seen anything like this? When I first got it, the rear parking stuff seemed to work okay but lately, it seems to sense things that are not there making me skittish about backing up at all. I checked the manual and online but have not yet seen anything about what does the flashing "P" (park button) mean.
  4. Has anyone had problems with the the steering wheel buttons? One of the buttons that control the dashboard displays requires extra pushes (or extra hard pushes) to activate. The button on the left which controls the display mode, Enxxxxxx stuff, EV, etc. works fine but the one on the right which activates the Entertainment, Climate, Navigation, and Phone sometimes has to be pressed multiple times to work. Up and down seem to work fine and going to the left is not so bad but pressing on the right side and pressing the "OK" button is problematic. I took it in for service last week for that and a couple of other things and they seemed to dismiss my concern. First they said the SYNC upgrade would probably take care of it (of course it didn't). Then they said they checked it against another vehicle and it's working the same. For the button on the left, I can use the pad of my thumb, my finger tip, a knuckle, etc. to easily move the selection in any direction. The right side button moving to the right requires me to press up to 3 or 4 times and the "OK" can take up to 2 times to accept the signal. Meanwhile my eyes are off the road. Anyone else noticed this issue or if this is not normal, do you have suggestions on what magic words I can say to get them to take this problem seriously?
  5. So I noticed on my build item list in ETIS it says less daytime running lamps. This makes no sense to me as I am ordering a reserve package. It appears even the base model has daytime running lamps am I missing something. Isn't the DRL's that line of LED lights in the facia that goes under each headlight????? Adaptive Rd-Following LED Headlamps Less Daytime Running Lamps Less Front Fog Lamps Signature Lighting Ambient Lighting-Int Premium
  6. Since my preferred Ginger Ale color has just been jettisoned does anyone have thoughts or knowledge of MKZ 2014 colors? The same source also deep sixes the contour seats for 2013 as well.
  7. Getting ready to take delivery of my MKZ and dealership is offering paint sealant? Is this a scam? Did anyone else get this option???
  8. According to bank of America's "car wars", the aviator will be revived, navigator redesigned, and a mka (coupe) and mkm (sedan) introduced between now and 2017.
  9. My wife works in the office of a Ford Dealership which allows us access to the Ford D-plan so we were thinking getting a couple new vehicles. Each of our situations are a little different. With her Leasing maybe makes more sense as she is the type of person who gets bored with a vehicle. She would like to look at either an Edge or a Fusion. My situation I am not sure if I should Lease or Buy and if I lease I would very much consider buying at the end of my lease. Part of the reason I am considering Lease is if I don't like the MyFord/Lincoln Touch I wouldn't be permantly stuck with it. I am looking at the MKZ, but definetly need to test it first I haven't driven anything yet. With her D-Plan it would lower the lease payments, but if I'm buying it later the residual Value will be unchanged. With the current MKZ I fear they are making the residual value a little high to encourage leases. I may not mind dropping the car at the end of the lease, but if I do this than I strongly considering the THX system as sound is somewhat important to me. I've heard mixed reviews of the audio system, but as I have gotten older sound isn't as important as it once was, but still fairly important. Anyway my main inquiries are should we test-drive act now? OR should wait off a couple monhs for the 2014's? I've heard one rumor, though I cannot seem to find it again, that the 2014 Fusion was coming at a lower pricepoint than 2013. I have not heard anything about the 2014 MKZ which somewhat scares me if the price were to increase. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. Ok fellow Z enthusiasts, here is the spot to track your Hybrid fuel scores!!! Here is my first, I will update these on a weekly basis. Remember we want your lifetime scores!!
  11. Hi fellow Z enthusiasts, I wanted to start a new thread for all of us that are purchasing a new 2013 MKZ. Please post your pictures and other modifications that you have done to your MKZ. Looking forward to seeing all of your posts........ Thanks.......
  12. I have ordered a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and noticed that in the trunk there is a 12 volt battery. Why does that battery exist and how does it interact with the Hybrid battery?
  13. Is anyone else having issues with the crash warning system? I'm tired of being scared to death by the flashing red light and alarm when I can plainly see that I'm nowhere close to hitting the car that is slowing down to make a turn. I have tried to find the menu to adjust the sensitivity as outlined in the Owners Manual but can't find it.
  14. Ok, this topic is only about the MKZ Hybrid 2013. For those that have taken delivery I have a question. I have noticed when sitting at a light running on EV, and all climate, radio, nav off I am hearing some weird whirring noises. Can you guys try this out and see if you hear anything at all. I would hate to have to take this back to the dealership 1 day after getting it!!!
  15. Hello and welcome to what I hope is helpful information for those of you who are trying to track your vehicles. First a couple of administrative announcement. I don't work for Ford, Lincoln, or any railroad. All that I can share with you are my experiences and those of other bloggers as they tracked their cars. Also I am tracking a Lincoln MKZ from Hermasillo, Mexico, other cars built in other locations may not apply to this forum. Ok with that being said, the first part thing that you will need to track your car is the Railroad car that it is assigned to. Typically you can either find this information on Cyber D's Vehicle Tracking blog(make sure you read the rules carefully) or you may have gotten this information from the dealer or customer service. Once you have that and for cars built in Hermasillo, the first place to call is CSX. The mexican railroad company FerroMex is the actual carrier but CSX tracks FerroMex shipments. Now FerroMex will only take the car through Mexico, and will typically drop off the car at a Border state such as Arizona(Nogales) Here's how to track your ETTX railcar. 1. Call CSX at 1-800-235-2352 2. When prompted for location or weight, press "1" on your phone for location. 3. When prompted for the car initials, say ETTX then wait for the next prompt. OR key in 32-81-81-92 (for ETTX)(letter and position on your phone) 4. When prompted for the car number, say or key in your 6-digit ETTX car number 5. When prompted for next car say DONE. From Nogales Union Pacific picks them up and starts their journey in the states. UP handles most railroad traffic west of the Mississippi and CSX handles most of the railroad traffic east of the Mississippi. Now SMSGT, was able to find a way to track intermediate stops based upon some website that he found. I will let him add his instructions below. Posted 09 February 2013 - 06:37 PM Trying to figure out specifically what path our car is traveling on its way to IL, I came across this weather station map that you can use to possibly track your car's path. I noticed these weather stations were along railways and they also had codes like UP675; maybe UP stands for United Pacific. I took the last point where my car was and started tracing it out all the way to Chicago by only using paths listed as UP. Here is what I came up with and here is the link I'm talking about. I can't believe I'm doing this stuff on a Sat night; but it's fun. http://mesowest.utah...urrTimeChecked= Station Code Location EFAW UP308 DURAN UP303 VAUGHW UP968 DAVIS UP300 SANTA ROSA, NM NSTNOS UP355 ARVID UP273 TCMCRI UP441 TUCUMCARI, NM OBAR UP377 TEXAS LINE ROMERO UP453 KING UP458 DALHART KDHT DALHART, TX CHBRNL UR096 CONLEN UP296 STEVNS UP415 STRATFORD, TX TXHOMA UP424 TEXHOMA, OK GOODWL UP320 GOODWELL, OK GUYMON KGUY GUYMON, OK OPTIMA UP383 TYRONE, OK LIBERAL KLBL LIBERAL, KS SHMRCK UP407 HOBART UP332 DW9907 BLOOM DW9907 GRNBRG UP323 GREENSBURG, KS WELFRD UP430 PRATT MUN KPYY PRATT, KS TURON UP423 PRTRGT UP394 HUTCHINSON MUN KHUT HUTCHINSON, KS GRVLND UP324 MCPHERSON KMPR MCPHERSON, KS GALVA UP317 DURHAM UP304 HERNTN UP330 HERINGTON, KS LATMIR UP349 VOLLND UP428 MAPLHL UP360 TOPEKA, KS GRANTI UP250 BUCKI UP091 LINWDL UP054 FORLKI UP020 ETON UP911 KANSAS CITY, MO BUCKNR UP904 MYRICK UP926 BLOSER UP901 MRSHLL UP925 MARSHALL, MO BLKWTR UP900 BNVILE UP902 BOONVILLE,MO OVERTN UP928 ALGOA1 UP895 JEFFERSON CITY, MO BONML1 UP903 WSNTN1 UP936 WASHINGTON, MO GRSMT1 UP915 GRAY SUMMIT, MO EURKA1 UP912 EUREKA, MO GARD UP318 ST. LOUIS, MO WALSHJ UP814 NOKOMS UP452 NOKOMIS, IL EW1303 PANA E1303 PANA, IL KIRKVL UP343 BURBON UP775 BONGRD UP773 ROYAL UP806 GOODWI UP045 WTSKA1 UP817 WATSEKA,IL GRPTK1 UP787 GRANT PARK, IL CRETE1 UP298 CHICAGO, IL If your car is going to NorCal or points north DeDonut has put some information below for these trips. Dedonut And for anyone interested in the railcar shipment from Mexico to Northern California, it’s a 7 day trip: Hermosillo, MX, Ferrocarril, Mexicano Nogales, AZ, Junction Point, begin Union Pacific RR Aldona, AZ Tucson, AZ Maricopa, AZ Yuma, AZ Salvia, CA W. Colton, CA Bakersfield, CA Saco, CA Fresno, CA Stockton, CA Roseville, CA Davis, CA Port of Benicia, CA
  16. Morning Gang; for those of you with cars, could you try something for me please. I noticed that the trunk release that is embedded in the car body right above where the license plate goes allows for you to open the trunk with out the key fob being anywhere near the car. I was just able to open my trunk, and while the car was locked I pressed the trunk release without the key fob present and the trunk opened right up? Thoughts?? Come on Serraph your the king of the owners manual.... ROFL!
  17. In several reviews I have seen that the MLT 8 inch screen is poorly positioned(angled) and is quite the finger magnet. Has anyone with a MLT/MFT screen in a previous car ever put a screen protector on this screen similiar to what many do with their smart phones??
  18. I've been lurking here for a bit and have some questions that hopefully the forum might answer. Several people have discussed their anguished wait for delivery so I wanted to know in retrospect...Do you wish you had waited for dealer stock instead of pre-ordered? I have considered pre-ordering but I'm afraid I won't like it in the color I'm considering and don't want to be obligated (I think I want Ginger Ale - And, yes, yes I already know that most people hate it, think it looks like puke, wonder WTF Ford was smoking, etc. etc.). I don't trust the colors shown on the Lincoln website because I've seen how widely they can vary from the real thing. For example, take a look at their representation of Ice Storm and then look at some actual photographs of Ice Storm Fusions. Also, sometimes colors just don't look right on certain models. Once you pre-order, are you locked into that vehicle? Do you have to put down a deposit? Are you basically just paying what the price configurator shows or are there markups or mark downs? If I don't pre-order, am I destined to wait until Summer or Fall until a build shows up somewhere in the vicinity that matches my requirements? If you are going to pre-order, is it better to do so from a dealer with few pre-orders or one with a whole bunch already? I'm very confused at this point TIA
  19. So I have been thinking about putting a document together that goes through all the steps and efforts that many of us have gone through in this forum. As (hopefully) the wait for my car is starting to wind down, I thought I wonder how I can make someone's experience better than mine. I would like the websites that are accessible, how to track train rail cars, process questions like what is a build date, what is a VIN, what is ETIS, etc.... I was thinking about putting this all together and then giving it to my dealership but maybe I will give it to Lincoln instead. You guys that work for Ford and Lincoln, do you think that would be helpful? Do you think it would get used? Is my experience different than most because I was ordering a MKZ? What are your thoughts?
  20. I propose that there is strength in numbers. As such I am suggesting that when any one of us Pre-Orders actually gets our car, we list what dealer kick backs we received from this money that Lincoln gave to dealerships on our behalf. That way when a person runs into a dealership that is being stingy they have some ammunition to use. Just a suggestion, thoughts??
  21. Please see Borg's posting in Ford News Thread, he posted last night that Lincoln has placed a stop ship on all MKZ's. Not sure if this is true. Any Ford employees or Lincoln that confirm or deny please post here!
  22. Mark, Borg just posted last night and stated Lincoln has issued a stop ship on all MKZ's we need to find out if this is true or not can you please help
  23. Having never owned or Pre-ordered a Lincoln before, I was wondering if there is a standard process that the dealership uses to turn over a car to a customer. I would imagine this is probably a pretty dealership centric process one not governed by Lincoln. Anyone out there that has gone through this process or has recommendations that I should follow as I accept delivery of this new car??
  24. I am a long time fan of Lincoln and Ford, but have been driving mostly imports for the past 20 years. I would like to buy a large sedan. The MKS is a nice car, but I don't find it particularly appealing. I currently have a 2012 Audi A6, and have had zero problems. I am trying to justify buying a new Lincoln. A MKZ Hybrid would offer me better mileage. I did own a Fusion Hybrid, and liked it. I am also considering a Flex or a MKT. A MKT would offer more room, and make a great trip car, but the MKT seems to be unpopular. I picked up the MKZ brochure, but haven't seen one in person. I obtained an X-plan pin number (stockholder). I am hoping for someone to give me a positive push in ordering a MKZ. Any thoughts? Why did you order the MKZ without a test drive?
  25. OK so where is this 13 MKZ? Lincoln is reintroducing itself? I thought it was to coincide with the launch of this highly anticipated revamped automobile? Since November I have been going by Sam Galloway Lincoln to see one. Nothing, the sales team keeps saying in 2 weeks. The first week in December they had one from Michigan and said it was for the sales staff to look at only. I told my wife to come down quick to see it, and it was gone in an hour! I went by there yesterday with the wife to try to see it (it had been another 3 weeks by now for sure they should have them in) and nothing. I flustered a very new salesperson in training because he knew nothing about the car. He finally brought out his trainer who promptly told me the car was delayed another 4 weeks due to issues. He actually said that "Ford didn't want another fiasco like with the new Escape" Wow really? that makes me want to buy the car... not! I usually don't rant on forums, I was just hoping that someone here can give me some answers. I have a 10 MKZ and a 06 Mustang. We are longtime Ford product customers and just would like some straight answers. Thanks!
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