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  1. Any known changes coming to the Navi? In my opinion: 3.5 upgrade (most obvious) Blackout package More ambient lighting in interior Another stand alone screen for 3rd row. Coach edition in the vein of the continental. Rear seat package with standalone captain chairs and passthrough console Electric recline on 2nd row (going to be very difficult).....New GM utes are coming so upgrades/updates will be needed. PLEASE ford dont make another mistake and let the Navi/Epxy languish again. YES the are incredible as is and are enjoying great success, but you cant stand pat of you want to CONTINUE to regain marketshare.
  2. Yeah the concept had the grille size perfect
  3. I wonder if the Navi will gain different grilles for my20
  4. Well done Lincoln...now just got price it correctly (not overpriced, the limcoln badge is still tarnished). Now just offer 2020 Navigator a fridge, power recline 2nd row seats, offer screen for 3 row, and upgrade the 3.5 to 500 hp even to compete with upcoming Esclade and all the SUVs will be covered
  5. dds010

    Future Lincoln models

    hopefully we start hearing info on upcomming powertrains (class leading power and eco), and new features for the "new:" lincolns...oh and a performance mkz with the supoosed new awd
  6. dds010

    Future Lincoln models

    Edit: mix redesign.......and the motortrend report clearly says mkm (coupe) mkc (sedan), now whether that's true or not is a different question.....let's hopes that we hear news of more future power trains (that have class leading power n Eco), performance driven awd (mkz sporty model) and more features
  7. dds010

    Future Lincoln models

    Mkc redesign coming also
  8. According to bank of America's "car wars", the aviator will be revived, navigator redesigned, and a mka (coupe) and mkm (sedan) introduced between now and 2017.
  9. Supposedly, lincoln is working on a new (or heavily revised) awd system that is RWD based.This along with a more dedicated sporty suspension (not sure if it will offer different bits or just a more aggressive lincoln drive control), new engine option (new generation eb OR current gen 3.5 eb) and the arrival of lincolns answer to gm's mag ride should make for a sporty mkz....also, anyone heard of what exactly the "black label" will be?
  10. Rumor has it that a higher end mkz is in the works
  11. We all questioning them messing up the production version because they have done so many times before, the mkz was just ONE time in which they didnt
  12. Okay from the leaked pics, I need more though. Now to the features n production specs. Also Lincoln do not I repeat do not change hardly anything for the production version, as uve been known to do plenty of times before I.e. Lincoln mkt mks
  13. 8-9speed auto, more Lincoln exclusive tech and drivetrain. Also, a truly beautiful design since, this, NOT the mkc, is suppose to show the new design studios potential
  14. Since the mkc was suppose to launch in 2012, what will be the vehicle that launches for Lincoln in 2013, as the plan was 7 new or updated vehicles in 4 years ( not sure if the updated z and t fit into that plan)