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Found 39 results

  1. Changed out all front lights on my wife's 2019 Ford Expedition XLT 202a. I posted how to videos on my YouTube channel, feel free to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCanWHVDReYdV0nC4WIRO9pg
  2. edwinfoxx1475

    Ford F-250 Accessories

    Good day to you folks on this forum. I'm interested in buying a Ford Accessories for my F-250 truck model year 2011. If anyone has a good deal regarding the same. Thank you.
  3. https://news.alphastreet.com/ford-mulling-a-partnership-with-volkswagen-for-vehicle-development/ Auto majors Ford (F) and Volkswagen are exploring ways to work together, which would help both the firms to help each other to compete better with their rivals globally. The companies officially confirmed on Tuesday that they are in talks to find ways of developing vehicles together, including commercial vehicles.
  4. This one caught my attention. Ford is apparently working on new pilot program centered on self-driving food delivery services and that is being deployed at Miami and Miami Beach. Details https://news.alphastreet.com/ford-experiments-with-self-driving-delivery-vans-in-miami/
  5. Ford's automotive sales up 7% to 39 billion USD. Wholesale Volumes: North America: +3% Europe: Flat Asia Pacific: -20% South America: +23% Middle East & Africa: -17% Ford Q1 results infographic
  6. "Despite the engineer's best efforts to block the camera from capturing the dashboard, and his follow-up admonition that 'You are not supposed to do that!' we can now see the interior that is fitted to the Ranger test trucks being developed in America...Grabbing these photos motivated a Ford engineer to get a little physical and threaten to 'bust up' my camera, with a few choice F-bombs for effect. Just mentioning that for the record." Link: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2017/09/2019-ford-ranger-interior-engine-spied.html
  7. The transmission issues with Ford are absolutely ridiculous. I just bought out the lease of my 2014 Ford Focus a month ago and now the car is stuck in the shop with transmission issues. I was driving to an important appointment (which I missed) when it just stopped moving forward and I lost all power. Anyone else have something similar happen? If so, what was wrong with your car/how much did it cost? It’s been at the dealership for a week and a half now and I still have no exact answer as to what is wrong. Apparently, just to diagnose the problem the whole transmission needs to be overhauled and the labor alone is around $2000!! That’s before I even know what’s wrong and know how much the part to fix it will cost. A year ago I heard about a transmission recall and had the clutch replaced, is there any way it could be related? If I had known that a car this new would have transmission issues I never would have bought it in the first place. The dealership can’t even work with me and give me a loaner car while the work is being completed. All I can hope is that we will figure out the issue and will have a car back soon! I used to think very highly of Ford vehicles but after this catastrophe and all the things I’ve been reading about all the transmission issues Ford cars have I don’t think my next car will be from Ford. I mean c’mon, it’s a 2014, I shouldn’t be having transmission issues! My 2001 Mitsubishi was more reliable than this and I would take that car back in a heartbeat at this point! If anyone has any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Chevy released a new commercial that turns up the heat by also calling into question some of Ford's performance claims for the Super Duty. In the spot, former football star Howie Long and Eric Stanczak, chief engineer, full-size trucks at General Motors, have the following exchange before the toolbox drop: Long: "You hear after our toolbox test where the F-150 aluminum bed got punctured, they've now beefed up the bed of their new Super Duty?" Stanczak: "Oh, yeah? Let's test it." Long:​ "Is that the same toolbox they used in the steel vs. aluminum bed test commercial?" Stanczak: "That's correct." Long: "Totally empty?" Stanczak: "Yup." Long: "Nothing in there?" Stanczak: "You got it. You ready?" Stanczak then places the red metal toolbox on the side of the bed and shoves it off, gashing a hole in the Super Duty bed. Long: "They made the aluminum bed of the Super Duty 30 percent stronger, and the​ toolbox still punctured the bed." http://www.autonews.com/article/20170717/RETAIL03/170719780/chevy-pokes-a-hole-in-fords-truck-again ------------- If the first ad doesn't work, try, try again!
  9. http://jalopnik.com/ford-ceo-mark-fields-reportedly-fired-in-management-sha-1795421644?rev=1495426354345&utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow So...did Mark get fired, or is this is rumor and speculation making a stepchild?
  10. Ford is canceling plans to build a new plant in Mexico. It will invest $700 million in Michigan instead, creating 700 new U.S. jobs. http://money.cnn.com/2017/01/03/news/economy/ford-700-jobs-trump/index.html The $700 million investment will go to the Flat Rock, Michigan plant to produce more electric and self-driving cars. Ford believes electric vehicles will outsell gas-powered vehicles within the next 15 years. Ford is planning to roll out seven new electric vehicles in the next five years, including a Mustang Hybrid. ----- A big U-turn for Ford The news is a major U-turn for Ford. Last year, the company announced it would invest $1.6 billion in Mexico to transfer production of the Ford Focus from Michigan to Mexico to save costs. Now the Focus will be built at an existing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, and Ford will instead expand its plant in Michigan. "This is a vote of confidence" in Trump and the economy, said Fields. We are "encouraged by pro-growth policies, particularly reform around tax and regulatory policies." ----- Drudge headline: GREAT AGAIN: CONSTRUCTION HITS 10 YEAR HIGH FORD CANCELS MEXICO PLANT; EXPANDING IN MICHIGAN
  11. **I started to put this in the Fusion subforum, but since these units are used in multiple vehicles, I decided to place it here** Yesterday, when i arrived at my son's babysitter after picking my daughter at school, I noticed a sharp pain as soon as I opened my drivers side door from inside the car. I looked and my finger was bleeding like crazy. A little investigation found that the chrome coating on my Fusion's interior door handle had peeled up on the top of the handle, creating a razor-like edge. When I slid my hand over the handle after it was open, it sliced a quarter-sized crescent into the top of my middle finger. The cut extends from under my last joint all the way up to the top of my nail. I called our dealer's service dept manager, who said that he did not believe this would be covered under any sort of warranty (I'm on a Ford ESP right now; my Fusion has 60k on the clock so bumper-to-bumper is long gone). Has anybody else had this problem with this particular unit? I know these handles were used in Fusion/Milan/MKZ and Edge/MKX. Pic attached... a little blurry, but you can see the appearance of wrinkling where the edge has lifted the furthest. I know that GM had to recall some SUVs because of a similar issue, but I wasn't able to find anything else about this happening in a Ford. http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/daily-news/100609-NHTSA-Investigates-GM-s-Finger-slicing-Door-Handles/
  12. Hi everyone, please enjoy this article I've written about how a Ford product has defined the direction my life ended up taking. It includes reflections on Ford's global product decisions and references to F150, Mustang etc. I hope you like it. http://performancedrive.com.au/editorial-ford-falcon-an-emotional-tribute-1715/
  13. Ford U.S. vehicle sales for August declined 8.4% YoY to 214,482. Nissan's sales declined 6.5%.
  14. The Fusion has been quite recently updated with the 2017 model year. This includes a new engine choice and two all new trim levels. However, the changes are not as big as we would have hoped and it seems that the car might be heavily refreshed with the 2018 Ford Fusion. https://carsoid.com/2018-ford-fusion/
  15. The upcoming 2018 Ford Expedition offers all the conformity of a full size family SUV. It has three rows of seats, and can take as many as eight passengers. The interior is made from the combination of fine fiber materials, wood and aluminum. The vehicle is well equipped with features such as Sync3 and MyFord Touch systems and 10 speaker Sony Sound System. It appears that 2018 Ford Expedition has all the characteristics of a modern day family vehicle. http://carslane.com/2018-ford-expedition-release-date-price/
  16. So, I had a 2012 ram 1500 laramie 4x4 crew cab last week. The picture below is what is left of it. I am currently a 3rd year medical student on an Air Force Scholarship. I have one year left of school before I begin my Emergency Medicine residency and start my active duty committment. I spent a great deal of my signing bonus and pay on a new dodge truck a few years ago, and now my baby is destroyed. I think it is time for a new f150 xlt fx4 and I would greatly appreciate anybody willing to send me an X-plan PIN number. I fell in love with the new f150's and any help getting a better deal would greatly help my cause. Thanks in advance to anyone gracious enough to help out.
  17. kfengler

    2015 FUSION SE

    From the album: FORDS OVER THE YEARS

  18. Good Evening, I've been researching on how to save more about getting my first 2015 Ford Mustang and I came across Ford's X-Plan. Upon reading so many websites, forums, etc. about it, I have came across BlueOvalForums.. It's pleasure to be here and I'm learning more about the Ford family and I'm glad to see that Ford employees are helping other people. This weekend 12/20/14, I am buying a 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback at a local dealership here in Los Angeles. I already confirmed with the dealership if they approve Ford X-Plans and they do. It would be great to have the additional savings I would get from the X-Plan. I'm hoping that someone contacts me through my email at mikepenaranda@gmail.com by Friday. Thank you and have a great evening.
  19. I am a tier two worker at FRAP. Been there just over a year. Was wondering if there is any truth to the following. Is a Lincoln car coming to FRAP? I heard tooling might start soon. Is there plans to expand the plant even more? Will there be another Cobra? Are we losing the Fusion? How bad is this mustang lunch going? Any chance a third shift gets added?
  20. Hello, April's Mustang 50 Years event at Charlotte Motor Speedway will feature the 1962 Ford Mustang I Concept currently part of The Henry Ford museum's collection. Automodello working with Ford, The Henry Ford and Dan Gurney recently released the first ever 1:43 and 1:24 scale models of the Concept. Two hundred were signed by Dan Gurney who debuted the Concept at the 1962 US Gran Prix at Watkins Glen. The signed 1:43 model is sold-out and a few 1:24 remain. Automodello will be exhibiting at Charlotte Motor Speedway event and is one of Ford's select group of licensees eligible to use the "Mustang 50 Years" logo on their products. For more information about Automodello visit http://www.automodello.com and under the Heritage tab there is a complete story written by Model Collector magazine UK on how the 1962 Ford Mustang I Concept went from concept to model in 9 months: http://www.automodello.com/designanddevelopment.html. Thank you, Jim Cowen CEO Diecasm, LLC | Automodello
  21. The fine print doesn't expressly exclude leases, but nothing references that it is valid on leases either...has anyone successfully used a Private Cash $750 coupon on a lease? I tried Googling information about this and was surprised that no one appears to have asked this before. Thanks!
  22. Hello! I'm currently in the market to purchase a new 2014 Ford Explorer XLT or Sport. With all of the rebates currently floating around it really is the time to pull the trigger on a new vehicle from Ford. I'm planning on making this purchase THIS WEEK! So I will definitely be using the code before 30 days have passed. I'd really love if someone here would be generous enough to help me get into the X Plan. With that I'd really be able to see how great of a deal I can get from the dealer I've been working with. Not to mention you get that huge boost in the karma department! My email is: Briguy2004@gmail.com Again, I'm going to be making this purchase in the next few days and even quite possibly Today the 26th if I can get everything squared away for X Plan pricing in that time frame. Your help will be greatly appreciated! PS: I'll be sure to post a picture of me with the new car and a giant thank you to the generous forum member!!
  23. Hello! I'm currently in the market to purchase a new 2014 Ford Explorer XLT or Sport. With all of the rebates currently floating around it really is the time to pull the trigger on a new vehicle from Ford. I'm planning on making this purchase THIS WEEK! So I will definitely be using the code before 30 days have passed. I'd really love if someone here would be generous enough to help me get into the X Plan. With that I'd really be able to see how great of a deal I can get from the dealer I've been working with. Not to mention you get that huge boost in the karma department! My email is: Briguy2004@gmail.com Again, I'm going to be making this purchase in the next few days and even quite possibly Today the 26th if I can get everything squared away for X Plan pricing in that time frame. Your help will be greatly appreciated! PS: I'll be sure to post a picture of me with the new car and a giant thank you to the generous forum member!!
  24. After owning 5 new GM vehicles.....I'm finally looking to go to the dark side : ) My wife and I found that the 2014 Explorer Sport offers all the things we are looking for in a new family SUV to keep our 5 year old and 3 month old safe during our travels. On that note we are looking to purchase the Explorer Sport next Wednesday 11/27/2013 and if someone could help us out with a X-Plan Pin we would sincerely appreciate it. My email is: mikedomingos1@hotmail.com I really came down to the Ford Explorer Sport, Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse......We really like the Audi Q7 and it was a great drive until I found out how much it cost for regular oil changes lol.
  25. Got a 83 crown vic. with the stock 302 motor. I have rebuilt the front and top of this motor. and replaced the following parts - Alternator, Starter, Starter Solenoid, Battery, Coil, Voltage Regulator, Ignition Control Module, Ignition Switch, Distributor(rotor bug, and cap), wires, plugs, Fuses, Link-able Fuses. My problem is this. When the alternator is installed in the order the old one came off (and according to a ford wiring diagram for the 302 motor. Positive to red, Field to white, Stator to black, And a ground.) All are labeled on the alternator so its hard to mix them up..., The amp light on the dash stays on, The starter solenoid usually sticks, causing the starter to run constant. (you have to slap the solenoid to get it to dis-engage) Also it is not charging the battery correctly, runs like it's misfiring or in the wrong firing order. If you disconnect a battery cable or both, the alternator runs the car but the windshield wipers come on full speed. (i pulled the fuse for the wipers and it still has the same problems, except the wipers are non operational when there is no fuse) The car ran O.K. for a few years now, until i was delivering pizza's and the cluster of wiring to the solenoid caught fire. i cut the wires and crimped new ends on them also cutting out any visible shorts/breaks in the wires i could see. And then replaced all electrical parts (listed above in red). There are about 10 wires that connect to the solenoid. 2 yellow, 4 red, 2 orange, 1 white going to the voltage reg; and then the big starter cable and pos. batt. cable. The cluster of wires is mostly for lights inside and out of the car. along with any other electrical equipment the driver may use. When i ran a hot wire from the pos. battery post to the field (white post) on the alternator the amp light turns off inside the dashboard and the car runs like its brand new (i know this is bad, so i do not run it like this). the starter solenoid does not stick and the starter shuts off when the motor fires like it should...I have ran a voltmeter and cannot find anything that would cause this problem... Does anyone have any suggestions? am i missing a key electrical component that may have shorted out when the wiring at the solenoid caught fire? If you think you have an answer I'm willing to try anything, if whatever it is can be bypassed or rigged to work i wouldn't care. I just need this car until i find the right one to put this 5.0 in... any help is appreciated. thank you.