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Ford blue blood

03 10th coupe for sale

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As busy as this place is looks like I will just exercising my fingers............Have a GT 500 ordered and will sell/trade the 03.


Red coupe,

CAI, Flows,

Have a post fix 99 exhaust system,

the stock 03 system,

the stock air cleaner assembly,

Pristeen 03 10th Anniversary mats,

car is 100%, no dings/scratches/flaws,

Mobile 1 and NAPA gold every 3K,

never smoked in,

located in Birmingham, AL

only 41,000 miles.


Any interest call 205 853 9392 after 6PM central or email bkrueger@mcwane.org

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:happy feet: My car was pulled for build today! :happy feet:


08 Shelby GT 500




Congratulations Bill. Which dealer did you order through? I saw an 07 at Town and Country last year.

I am trying to get my retirement lined up for July this year. I have done a little work on a 64 Falcon and

am looking for a grill. If you still have the 99 extras and do not let them go with the car, I am still interested in them. When you get your new GT and the weather is decent, give me a call. Maybe we

can take the wives out for a snack or something.


see ya,


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Hi Joe,


Glad to see you're still out there! I ordered from Jim Skinner Ford. He was out of quotas but called and talked to, as he said, "the Ford lady" (I think the regional inventory control manager in Atlanta) and she told him to put the order in. That was 18 December, just after Christmas I stopped in to see if it was going to be built and they (Skinner) told me he didn't think it would be. Well on 17 January he gets a call that it would be built! Yup, pretty lucky or just the right timing, don't know, don't really care. In the mean time I start looking all over the net for a car. Everyone of them out there was 5 - 10 - 15 over. Told them all no. Funny thing, in the time since I got the word that my car was to be built (18 Feb. build date) I've gotten calls from three of them I talked to wanting to sell at MSRP. The last one was really upset that I didn't make them that offer. I told him the name of the sales man and his statement that 10 over was the best I could hope for. If they weren't in northern IL I would swing by and show them what I have and look at the ones they still have sitting on the floor!


I still have the 99 Cobra stuff we talked about and it is still yours if you want it. I have a year to go before retirement, still pondering if I want to pull the plug next March or continue working. I did finish the 66 Ranchero that was in the build stage for 10 years. I had it at the last Springville cruise-in. Sold it and it is now in Mobile living happily ever after. Now working on the wife's 65 Bird. I do have a couple of projects to keep me busy for a couple of years if I do retire.


Hooking up sounds like a plan! We'll talk about that later.


Cya, Bill

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SOLD :happy feet: :happy feet:


Hey RR and FBB, glad to see you guys still around.. I still have my 99 clunker in the garage under a cover :P

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Yup, have to hang on....just too much fun reading these forums and gleaning info from time to time. The 99 still has a warm spot in my heart, the 03 will for some time and the 08 is just :censored: awesome when compared to the other two. Be nice to see you if the Springville cruise-in happens this year.

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