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Toyota addresses Tundra bed bounce

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Let me guess....


It's a sticker for the steering wheel that says "Slow Down"

Well, that would help too.


This is only for Double Cab (Scab) models. No TSB for CrewMax or RCab models.


Personally, I'd like to know who the competitors are they list within the graph. Are these competitors like year trucks, or are they comparing against older model trucks? Also, are the competitors listed 1/2 ton models as well, or are they looking at compact, mid-size trucks, or possibly comparing against 3/4 and 1-ton trucks? Personally if Toyota still had nothing to hide, why not disclose who the competition was? They use the competitions name in commercials and comparisons before, why not now? Maybe because the chart is misleading and not 100% honest in comparison?


Evidently the TSB is easy, or so this site says. I don't consider loosening the cab mount bolts, pulling up the carpet and raising the cab 3+ inches is considered "easy". And they call for only 1hr of work. Not sure if I'd trust all that being done and the cab aligned properly in 1hr.


Of course this is only a TSB, not a recall item, which I think it could and maybe should be. With this being most notable on 07 & 08 models, will Toyota cover the repaired under warranty? Also, I'd guess most 07 models would be outside warranty anyways, based on either years or miles. I'm sure many '08s will also be outside this warranty time frame/mileage as well. So it sounds like an expensive sort of kind of fix for Toyota owners. Then again, aren't most the Toyota recall fixes only a "sort of kind of fix" anyways?


The process is really very simple. The cab is mounted to the frame on some big rubber bushings, and the TSB says to replace the 2 rear bushings with new, softer/fancier bushings that will reduce the bounce sensation.
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