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Sportsmobile and Adventure Vans

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Hey -- I wanted to drop this new topic as a spot where E-Series adventure van folks might connect.  I'm just getting mine now, but I am sure that I'm going to have questions both in this forum and in the Sportsmobile forum.  Let the VanLife begin!


What I have:


2006 E-350 Extended Body

Sportsmobile EB-45 ish build

QuadVan 4x4 conversion


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36 minutes ago, twintornados said:

Sportsmobile still makes the E-Series "classic" using a cutaway chassis with a custom rear body to match the cab...pretty slick looking setup for sure.






Salivated over that as I was looking at my options.  Using the price sheets on their website, I was heading above $150K and 14 months of waiting.  Solid, low miles, older E-350 was the way to go for me -- and the nearly six-figure difference leaves plenty of backfill for additional customization or repairs (and no giant drop in value when I drive it off the lot).

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