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Bronco sport sun roof and oem mud flaps and or wheel opening flares


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On 11/29/2021 at 4:13 PM, akirby said:

It requires the convenience, tech or premium packages depending on trim level.  Check out the order guide (link at top left).

Hi Akirby ... thanks for that info .... I under stand that you need the tech package to be able to add the sunroof ... the question  is that if you move on in the ordering process or follow the order guide it states the sunroof is n/a  if you order the any of the factory w/o moldings/extensions  and or the any of the oem mud flap options ... again seems a strange incompatibility issue .... or a mistake at ford Canada ....note: this was also the case on the 2021 build when I ordered a 21 that got cancelled due to supply shortages. I thought it would be different in 2002 "s ... be nice to know if its true and if so why 

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Make sure you go into your dealership to work through the order process. Correct that the premium package is required for the sunroof to be orders, but that should not affect the fender flares. Now the mud flaps do interfere apparently with the installation of the fender flares so that would be the only stopping issue.

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