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What have you done to your new Escape?


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Just trying to get an idea what some of you new Escape owners have done to your new Escape? Aftermarket or OE?
and what have you invested in to keep your Escape in good shape?

Since I'm asking, Here's what I've done/Purchased (so far)

2023 Escape Hybrid, AWD Platinum with Vista Moon Roof, Tech package, and trailer hitch (all factory).
Paint Protection Film applied to front end. I did the partial front which is the small forward facing part of the hood and two front fenders, The two mirrors (forward facing) and all the painted portions of the grill and bumper. I went with Xpel Ultimate product.
Windshield protection film. (Exoshield)
Tinted 70% transmission the two front roll up windows (mainly to block UV) really almost clear. Also using Xpel product.
I purchased a set of tire chains and verified fit but have not used them yet. My intended use and need for AWD is I'm in the Sierra Nevada Mountains almost every weekend during the winter. The tire chains I got are Konig brand and attach to the outside of the wheel/rim using a special wheel locking lug
Installed a Coverking cargo area cover to protect the carpets in the Cargo area (split seat and bumper roll out cover)
Installed aftermarket edge guards on all the doors to protect my doors as well as those around me when the wind pushes the door open as I exit the vehicle.
Installed Weather tech air deflectors front and rear windows
Installed Weather tech cargo area custom fit floor covering throughout.
Purchased and installed a cargo area cover (OE) using my Ford points.
Purchased a Catalytic Converter antitheft protection system. https://www.catstrap.net/
Installed a console vault to protect valuables. https://www.consolevault.com/

I figure It's going to be my daily driver, cargo mover, and I live in a large city where theft can be a problem. I also will need it to do business as well as commute to snow country. Making it my vehicle!


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My wife 2023 ST Line Elite FHEV came with these factory installed options:

A) Vista Moon Roof

B) Class II Trailer Tow Package

C) Premium Technology Package

D) 19” Ebony Painted Aluminum Wheels 

E) Star White Metallic Tri-coat paint


She add these after:  

1) Paint Protection Film applied to front end.

2) Some sort of tint on the driver and passenger Window. (meaning I don’t know what level of tint she added

3) All weather floor mats and cargo mat (the Ford ones - bought with Ford points)


And then:

Put her 2009 rusty Escape Limited V6 in my garage spot.

We traded my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser (with failed frame) on her new 2023 Escape.

I was reserving my garage spot for a sports car!!! ?




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I got the windshield and 2 front windows protected from interior heat and sun damage and the Weather Tech floors and cargo area protection. I'm real impressed with the fit of the Weather Tech and now see all the dirt and junk that sinks into the carpet I'm protecting them from. The window protection makes it much nicer getting in a cooler car here in sunny Florida and helps get the interior temperature cool faster with the a/c. It also is better to keep the car and battery cooler while charging. The ideal temperature while charging is around 78F to keep the battery cells balanced for the best performance.

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