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  1. GaryG

    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    It is the Ecvt transmission with the one-way-clutch that allows such free coasting. The planetary gear system never shifts and reverse is just the traction motor spinning backwards. I shift to neutral for coasting which eliminates regen charging and the coast is easy to maintain without trying to balance the gas pedal. It has been proven the FEH can get 60 plus mpg or 200% of EPA hypermiling. I got one of the first '05 FEH and the system is still used.
  2. I've been hypermiling the Ford hybrid since 2005 in the first FEH. I sold my 2013 plug-in C Max with a lifetime MPG of 912mpg at 15,000 miles to my brother to buy a 2015 C Max. The modes you use depends on your trip, driving conditions and speed. Wanting people to drive in EV in the city may be to reduce pollution in concentrated areas. It can be better to drive highway in any of the modes depending on the distance, wind speed and direction or traffic. Use your head and plan your trip based on when and where to charge. Staying in electric as much as possible is the goal. The faster you drive the more fuel or electric is required. I find 25 - 35mph the sweet spot with the gas engine but generally below 25mph with the gas engine is less efficient. I try to drive in EV below 25mph where it is the most efficient. Planning routes and driving modes is for you to take advantage of for better efficiency. I use all types of hypermiling techniques and neutral coasting without charging with the engine which is the most efficient. I take advantage of all the regen I can get when braking is required and I coast in EV as much as possible to get the best mpg. A top hypermiler can double the EPA rating on a gas, electric or a hybrid vehicle and that may include using the different modes on this vehicle. My best EV only with the '13 C Max on a single charge was 39.8 miles which is double the EPA rating. The C Max doesn't have the dial modes but I can use the shifter to switch from "D" to "N" or L for regen instead of the new dial. I have the '23 on order and can determine how to use the dial modes better when I get one. Some of those dial modes are the same as using the shifter in older models without the dial. I like to use EV only and with the EPA of 37 plug-in miles, I hope to be able to go 60 miles in EV on one charge on the '23 .
  3. When a code resets on it's own, the problem cleared on it's own and the light reset. The fact when it happen was it possible it was hot outside? If the light happened when everything should have been normal, it may be a sensor.
  4. GaryG

    How To Disable Hill Descent Control

    I don't have my '23 plug-in I ordered but I've had a few of the earlier models. Hill descend is just regenerative braking. In the other earlier models it was "L" on the shifter and you got maximum regen when you let off the accelerator in "L". Many people chose to drive in "L" to stay off the brake pads but it requires and steady foot to get neutral coasting for the best MPGe. Ford may be going to more of one foot diving so you brake with regen when you let off the gas more. I use neutral coasting all the time to increase my mpg because it's easier than a steady foot on the gas pedal to achieve. This all must be done with the computer programming modes now but that's how it works.
  5. GaryG

    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    Ford's color of that grey is called "area 51" I think but it's not offered yet on the '23 Escape Plug-in. I didn't care for Ford's shade anyway but I like the Kia's.
  6. GaryG

    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    I didn't get the e-mail but the salesman gave me a copy of my order with a priority 19. I ordered the premium PHEV, Star White, and tow, and crossbars. MSRP is at $46310.00 so far so I hope we get the tax credit of $6840.
  7. Another thing to consider is Ford EPA Test may have been with straight 87 octane without ethanol in the past. The EPA may have started requiring 87 octane with 10% ethanol to claim real HP and torque to meet emissions and real HP. I rely on plug-in power when I can and 87 octane without ethanol is better and last much longer than E10. If I needed the extra power of the engine it would be better to run recreational straight 87 octane for the most power and fuel economy. Ford could be changing terminology and just using emissions regulations to explain a change in HP using E10. Ford could have changed HP in the gas engine by tuning for better mpg and emissions also. I agree, I don't think it's a big change to worry about.
  8. It may be a change in HP testing or a lower HP from a higher ethanol content the engine is rated for. Ethanol is considered renewable energy and E15 - E-85 could effect HP ratings. The Atkinson cycle 4 cylinder engine HP is drastically effected by ethanol from non-ethanol from my experience. If the new Ford hybrid engines are rated now with E-15 or E-85 that would lower HP output. I don't think the electric motor was involved with the change in combined HP output.
  9. GaryG

    Nitrogen Filled Tires!

    I know of no professional hypermilers who use nitrogen in their tires. The main concern is to maintain equal pressure in each tire and no less than the minimum recommended by the car manufacturer. For best performance and top mpg I recommend the highest pressure recommended on the tire. For wear and handling with steel belted tires the pressure helps keep the tire tread flat on the road for turns and traction for braking and wet roads. The lighter the weight of the tires and rims make the biggest difference in mpg. Notice Ford uses special light weight rims and tires for low roll resistance and better EPA mileage ratings on most hybrids and electric cars and trucks. Most mistakes are when replacing the tires with a heavier tire than OEM. I look for lighter tires for replacement and sometimes Ford has better tires on their new models I use but never heavier tires than the OEM.
  10. GaryG

    Class 2 Trailer Tow Package 2023

    I've seen nothing to indicate any size changes to the Escape either. I like 2" because that's what all my receivers are.
  11. Going back even to the 2020 Escape plug-in it's the same 221hp for the FWD so it must be with the bigger battery. The only thing now is the different engine code which is a change from 99Z/445 to 991/445 in the 2023 plug-in.
  12. From the 2023 FWD Escape plug-in specs it has a 221hp combined electric and gas eCVT. All the other 2023 FWD Escape hybrids have 200hp combined. The plug-in eCVT has a more powerful electric motor and the same gas engine hp.
  13. That's what I found also, it would be a better package for towing if the eCVT had the better motor made in America. I placed an order on 9/19/22 which has not been accepted yet by Ford. I ordered the premium, tow package and star white. I was able to get 39.7 miles in EV in my '13 CMax rated for 21 miles and can't wait to try the new 37 mile EV rating on the Escape. It would be nice if the battery is improved also.
  14. GaryG

    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    You keep my salesman on their toes when I tell them information you give me and it keeps them honest. Everything you post I can take it to the bank and is very much appreciated. I have the best salesman and that's how he makes a living. The information you provide keeps him selling cars and trucks and me from interrupting his job. Thank you for being here and providing information I get from your post.
  15. GaryG

    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    I came back to the forum to find out more information on a new '23 Escape plug-in. It was pleasant to still see IceCapades is still posting the needed information and he is the best. I wanted the tax break this year also but I will keep my order I put in on 9/19/22 for next year and wait for a '23 Escape Plug-in. This will be my 5th Ford hybrid and 3rd plug-in with the eCVT and it keeps getting better.