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Turn Signal Bulb

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My cousin brought his 2013 Escape over this morning and wanted me to replace the bulb for the driver side front turn signal. What a PITA! I watched a few youtube videos before I started so I kinda knew what to expect. One guy even recommended removing the entire front bumper cover just to get at the damn bulb! There's like 50 screws and clips holding the bumper cover on! 

You can actually see the light socket from the engine compartment but there are no openings large enough to reach down in there. 

We decided to try going in from the backside which meant you had to gain access through the wheel opening. The first thing we did was to remove the wheel and tire to get access to the inner fender liner attachment screws. After removing about ten of those screws I was able to pry the lower front corner of the liner back far enough to reach up with my left hand and disconnect the light socket from the backside of the light bezel all while lying on the garage floor. I guess having long arms and fingers is good for something. It took about 40 minutes to do the whole thing.

Unfortunately, my cousin ordered the bulb from Advance Auto Parts (it wasn't in stock at the local store) and they sold him a clear bulb instead of the correct amber bulb. It still works, it's just not the right color. Oh well... 

Funniest part was that I was using a small battery powered light with a magnetic base and I had laid it up inside the space between the fender liner and the bumper cover. When I removed the light there was a small metal V-clip stuck to the magnet. About two years ago I replaced the fan motor for the heater and to do that you had to remove a couple of plastic covers from the cowl area between the windshield and the firewall. In the process of doing that I dropped that same metal V-clip and could never find it until today. I guess that just goes to show how tight that enclosure is that a small clip couldn't find its way out of there in all that time.

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