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  1. The unfortunate thing is that how things are done now. Apparently North America is going through a huge building boom with manufacturing plants due to the expectation that China is going to fall apart in the next decade and there are only so many resources in the area to do this stuff with. I see it first hand with trying to get equipment, we are trying to build a hydraulic tester and the lead time for one of the components won't have us getting it till 2027 and we started the project 18 or so months ago.
  2. Well here is the thing that I think is happening-Ford is pivoting towards products it does well-that means trucks and S/CUVs to a lesser extent. Their core product is the F-series. If that goes the company goes along with it. I also think Ford is looking at the world market holistically-given the amount of competition and changing demographics and other things, they are focused on making products that command higher profit margins with less market share. They rather make say 10% profit on everything vs having the best selling mid size CUV that might only make 2%. Not mention the Bronco and Bronco Sport are both based off other platforms and only came back because of that.
  3. They are competing in those segments with other products, just not sterotypical ones You have the Bronco, Mach E and Bronco Sport, which are in the same price/size range, but aren't just a two row mid or small sized vehicle.
  4. People from Lightning assembly at Mich Truck Plant get priority to move there in the latest contract, so yes I'm guessing at least the assembly plant will be.
  5. If anything, I'd expect an EV Ranger and Bronco to go there first, since it will be building an EV pickup already. Given the timing with the Mach E with it approaching 7-8 years on the market by the time the three rows come out, it might be just easier to replace that and move the Mach E to the new skunkworks small EV.
  6. Most car buyers don't have the same time of "autism" that people that visit forums like this, plus Ford Authority is looking to publish content to keep people coming back, so that is why there is a (hyper) focus on things like this?
  7. LOL actually I don't have to...bygones are bygones My wife wants to get a new car in a couple months-either a Bronco Sport or Escape and we are going to go there...but she buys off the lot so shouldn't be a shitshow.
  8. Louisville (Escape/Corsair) and KTP (SD/Expedition and Navigator) are two different plants in Kentucky Quite a change over the past couple years going from 5 EVs down two EVs that got delayed to building the Super Duty. I wonder what the expectations are-do they think they can sell another 100-200K SD a year? Reading in between the lines on this-I wonder if this means the Mach E goes away in Cuautitlan in a few years? Given that a small EV is being worked on that more or less is a replacement for the Escape, which the same platform is used on the Mach E, it would make sense to consulate it with whatever is coming to replace the Escape. The Mach E would be the performance EV and maybe get the Mustang coupe next decade?
  9. It hasn't been yet. The Capri and Explorer EV are roughly Bronco Sport size, so a short C CUV or 175 inches long The Puma is a B class product and is 165 inches long The Mach E is 186 inches, so you have roughly 10 inches of length to differentiate them all
  10. I have to say this, even after the complete shit show I went through with my dealership with the ADM on my Bronco, the the service dept there is really good. My wife takes her Escape there also and they've been excellent with their work and don't upcharge by adding stupid shit to the bills when work is needed. It also helps that they pick our cars up too when they need service or work on them too.
  11. You do realize your talking about a car that was built 30+ years ago that had its last platform change almost 50 years ago now? The full size car market was dead by 1996. That is like talking about cars made in the 1960s having any bearing in 1990s market place. The Panther platform was nothing more then a fleet car for the last 20 year or so of its existence. It might have been profitable, but the only reason for that was most of its sunk costs where already paid off.
  12. Yeah I saw that after I made that post...talk about forward thinking. Wonder how long they'll last till the have to move to something else.
  13. Their appeal is based more on legend then actually being a good car.
  14. https://electrek.co/2024/07/16/ford-launching-all-electric-puma-ev/
  15. What I find pretty interesting was the Palisades and Telluride where extremely popular when they launched back in 2020, but they have seem to fall to the wayside (at least where I'm at) since then...
  16. Well from a pricing perspective, the Malibu and Equinox are currently closer to the Trax and Trailblazer pricing with discounts, but its due to them being discontinued or newer models coming out.
  17. That means jack shit since you haven't been able to buy one in nearly 15 years. They've been long retired from Police usage.
  18. Yeah I know that but if they weren't selling, they would have larger discounts on them. The Trailblazer is pretty popular in my area and I actually find it be one of the best looking GM models with the two tone roof and body color-which I'm assuming are higher end models. For a cheaper product, it doesn't look cheap. The Maverick (well interior wise) looks cheap sometimes.
  19. When I was looking at the Honda website it didn't specifically call it out in the specs
  20. EV adaption is still happening, just not at the rate it was 4-5 years ago.
  21. So had sometime to kill in between meetings to see how Honda options out the CR-V vs the Escape. Major differences between the levels larger display 7 inch vs 9 inch Two powertrain options- hybrid and non hybrid Sun roof not on the cheapest model Leather seats Standard safety options like you'd get with copilot360 Neither the CR-V or RAV4 offer automatic wipers either.
  22. https://www.autoweek.com/news/a61599826/iihs-partial-automation-system-safety-study/ interesting choice in makes they use with their own demographics often being aggressive drivers.
  23. See that is problem-I get what your saying, but Ford also wants to upcharge/make profit on a vehicle. Not sure how different the trims are on say Toyotas or Hondas in relation to Ford's trim levels, but from what I understand, at least with Toyota, you get what you get without the ability to special order what you want in options. EVs going forward will experience this to a point-the biggest difference will be amount of motors (performance) and range (battery size) in a product, because something like heated seats will be needed to help with range impact in cold weather vs running the heat (which was "free" in an ICE) and other electronics will be standard that do things like auto braking etc.
  24. Right that is why I mentioned about the competition, plus some options become standard because they are just cheaper to do so then offering an alternative Part of the problem with this is that it adds more build complexity which can impact quality, which has been hurting Ford for years now.
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