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  1. 67STANG

    UAW Trust Language

    I have recently run into a problem having my yearly physical covered by the UAW Trust. This happened because Cleveland Clinic changed all their facilities to outpatient. Our Trust language states that it will be covered under "office visit" which CC use to bill as. Now that they bill as an outpatient facility the UAW Trust will not cover it and CC will not change their language for billing. Has anyone else had this problem? Not only with Cleveland Clinic but, with any other health care provider? Is there anything we can do to get the Trust to accept this language? Would appreciate any feedback on this.
  2. 67STANG

    Retiree health care.

    Review the benefits real good. I just ran into a problem where office visits to doctors are not covered unless it is in an office. I recently had my physical denied for payment by the UAW Trust because Cleveland Clinic bills as an outpatient facility now. They use to bill as "Office Visit". This has caused me to have to find a doctor in an office setting that bills as such.
  3. 67STANG

    x mas bonus

    Thanks for the info NoMo. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you to. :stats:
  4. 67STANG

    x mas bonus

    here it is 12-21-08 and we still don't have our x-mas bonus. what gives?? any retiree get their's yet??
  5. 67STANG

    x mas bonus

    Has anyone that is retired recieve their xmas bonus yet??
  6. Heard from a source that Ford will announce Cleveland Casting will close by June 2009. This will be along with the other plant changes in the US. Plant 1 is on hold to reopen indefinitely. Lima is capable of producing all engines needed for now. It's time to get serious about leaving with a buyout for us Cleveland folks :reading: :reading:
  7. 67STANG

    Question for OHAP (Avon Lake Plant)

    I would not wish CSMJ on my worst enemy. We have enough to worry about without him starting his BS rumors that he gets from his "INSIDE" union buddies Maybe we can send him to Lima!! :happy feet: :happy feet: They already hate us.
  8. 67STANG

    Question for OHAP (Avon Lake Plant)

    CSMJ works at the Cleveland casting plant. He was a transfer from Avon. And you are right he is full of nothing but rumors and bullshit He likes to think he has an inside track. WE would like him to have a fast track back to Avon
  9. 67STANG


    We wish you didn't work at Ford. We know who you are and where you work. The real funny thing is all the people you work with think your an ass also and you thought we liked your BS stories? PLEASE go far, far away :happy feet: :happy feet: and take your wild ass imagination with you!!!!!!!!
  10. 67STANG


    You really are a UNION ass suck-up. Stop posting your suck-up shit about our sorry ass union president Tim. The only reason his nephew stayed is because he DID NOT WANT to go anywhere else. And that's a fact Jack :happy feet: :happy feet: You F------ think you know everything. The only inside track you have is up Tim's ass. Please do all of us a favor and stay away like you said you would until after contract time. Better yet, stay away forever country boy
  11. 67STANG


    You are an absolute ass that thinks he knows everything. When in fact you know nothing. All the robots are gone from 2 mold line, NO improvements. Give it up country boy. You are also going down with the ship. By the way, your 2 cents isn't worth SHIT. Keep it between you and your " CONTACT" :happy feet: :happy feet: Everyone is tired of your bullshit stories.
  12. 67STANG

    Brookpark news/ Lima postings

    Well BUBBA we'll see what goes on here soon. You have not been right about any bullshit you have posted yet. And to say you were right about the foundry You put in your first post that Ford was not closing it. Now you are saying they will outsource it. The foundry is gone, no longer Ford's. So make up your mind. Go suck up some more mold sand and let us know what's going on then :happy feet: :happy feet: And by the way, if the foundry continues production after 2009 it will not be with all the deadbeats we have here now. NO company in there right mind would continue paying our wages with the scrap we continue to run. They will bring in their own people for less money GUARANTEED!!! If they have the money to buy the place they sure in hell will make sure they have qualified people to work it. Think about what you post from your "SOURCES" because it really makes no sense. And either do
  13. 67STANG

    Brookpark news/ Lima postings

    Well I am glad you trust the "good" union people. The foundry will no longer belong to Ford after 2008 and that's that!!!!!!! Just remember to put that tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy as I can see you are writing your own fable :stats: :stats: :happy feet:
  14. 67STANG

    Brookpark news/ Lima postings

    I agree. If CSMJ believes everything the union says then I have some swampland in Florida for sale. What a frickin loser. Nothing better to do than start rumors. Aren't we dealing with enough shit at Brookpark??? :stats: :stats:
  15. Cleveland casting had an MOA and COA in effect. So if your thoughts are these agreements are enough you are wrong. I understand that Hinrich was in Cleveland for 2 days. The bad news of the closing was officially given to the plant on Friday 5-4-07. These agreements are nothing more than empty promises that Ford and the Union use to get what they need until they decide your fate. Every plant that votes on these COA's had better know that they are not immune to the chopping block. We at CCP know this first hand :titanic: :titanic: Good luck to all the Ford employees out there.