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  1. niteeyes

    Performance bonus

    sorry if this is stupid, is this our 4% instead of raise.
  2. niteeyes

    Signing Bonus?

    You don't have a work ethic, ya whine an cry and act like we owe you something, we gave up to get ya your job ya little piss ant and the way you act now i'm sure most of us are wishing we hadn't.
  3. niteeyes

    Bye, bye Gary jones

    that and their 10% raises every year while we get 3 every other if we're lucky. And we're dumb enough to keep paying them.
  4. niteeyes

    Signing Bonus?

    This is some funny shit, Last contract was the same way, tier 2 willing to screw everyone for a couple bucks, Boy did we make a mistake allowing 2 tiers.
  5. niteeyes

    holiday conversion

    tried to go to page to sign up for Christmas holiday conversion and it's still only showing November holidays, any idea whats up with that.
  6. niteeyes

    4% bonus

    any idea when we get it cause last time it looks like it was in oct.
  7. niteeyes

    What's coming in the next CONTRACT 2019??

    second tier is gonna rag on about how bad they have it and how awful the first tier people are. you know, like last contract.
  8. niteeyes

    Ford/NFL Protest

    Great, Ford stock is already in the tank, Now every radio station is basically saying people should not buy Ford products. I bet all the military vets who work for Ford are really proud of their stand. This could hurt worse than Firestone, Thanks for standing with 90% of Americans, I hope the board of directors does something to lessen the damage. No more NFL for me.
  9. niteeyes

    where's our raise

  10. niteeyes

    where's our raise

    I thought we were getting a raise this month, any idea when it takes effect ?
  11. niteeyes

    Sub pay

    you would think in a case where some dumb ass says fuck you to Ford and the UAW, They would have a pretty good case for firing his stupid ass.
  12. niteeyes

    Trump on Sending Jobs to Mexico!

    I.m voting for the democrat Trump, Clinton can suck peter in purgatory.
  13. niteeyes

    Thanks UAW

    last I checked, we're still making 2 to 3 times the average earner. I'm pretty happy with what I got.
  14. niteeyes

    2015 Ford $70,000 retirement incentive

    it was 77 here for stationary engineers. got to have 38yrs to get it kind of sucks, I wanted it when I hit 30 next contract, don't look likey now.
  15. niteeyes


    gonna have to go back to suction cup flags, my 2014 f150 worked just fine. for some odd reason the magnet wouldn't work on the newer f150 behind me.