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  1. oldasdirt

    Instrument cluster in 101A & 200A 2020 mustangs...

    the performance packs and gt 350-500
  2. I am old school if i hear horns i steer right if i hear gravel i steer left😁
  3. oldasdirt

    express scripts

    Blows they wont honor any manufacturers discount programs What a ripoff for retirees
  4. oldasdirt

    Tag Relief

    Retired now but I was a relief man for many years,and with tag relief,the relief man and his people have got to respect one another I seen many relief people and line people screw themselves because of the lack of respect. A couple things I would do After stocking up I would let the last man take a pee call When I finished my route I would give the first man a pee call If someone needed to leave early(legitimate reason) I would switch breaks with them I would always leave their jobs worked back as far as possible All I ask in return was to be back on time,not leave their job in the hole when I arrived and if I needed a favor to accommodate me And there was a healthy respect on my route because of that
  5. Yea, AND the shooter could/would have gotten his weapons illegally if he was that intent on killing And if students and staff were allowed to legally carry then most of those deaths could have been prevented by a legally armed student or staff. Ya know there used to be a radio talk show host here in STL. that had the ultimate line about you and all the other goodie two shoes. "Lord save me from the good people"
  6. oldasdirt

    How this Presidential Election WILL affect the UAW or any Union.

    Yea go ahead and elect obamawammadingedong,Let him increase the taxes on big business,put in socialized medicine,take your protection from you.Then you will be bitchin cause the gov. is taking too much for health care and big business has upped prices to pay their tax bill and the police cant protect you!! WAKE UP,TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.Dont demand the government to do it for you. Most of the current ENTITLEMENT programs are just making you lazy,and dependant on the government instead of the government being dependant on you. As was said by Thomas Jefferson "The government should fear the people,not the people should fear the government" Which IMHO is exactly what is wrong with this country.
  7. oldasdirt

    To all of you Former SLAP people - It is GONE

    AAW I dont take Fatso's reply in a bad way,cause you know as well as I there are idiots in this world. Fatso go back to eatin yer grease soaked burgers and fries,while yer at it make it a extry large size and top it off with a 3 gallon shake.
  8. Pointy ,sorry I didnt see your post before I started a new one. Hope you and yours are doin good. I am enjoying my retirement, but I do do a bit of work on the side If you know anybody thats looking to have a lawn irrigation system put in give me a shout
  9. Well they done went and took the wreckin ball to SLAP a couple daze ago. I am gonna try to go by there today and take some pics,I will post them when I do. Since this is "THE END" of SLAP, I thought I would repost this with a PS added to it. Back In The Daze Backin the daze of '48,The war was over and it was great Back in the daze of '48,Uncle Henry deciced to place a stake Here in St. Louis, he made a stand To build cars and trucks with a bunch of hands Through the years,those hands had built Quality cars and trucks to the hilt First came the Lincoln all shiney and proud Then the Mercury with OOOOOs from the crowd To the baby Grand it made a great pic Then The Jewel in the top of the Crown Vic Alas they told us we were through But then a great Star was brought to you know who We built it with pride the same as the others with top quality from our sisters and brothers Once again they said it would end But like a great tree we did bend They gave us a challenge and said it couldnt be done Not even the Japs could make it run We built our Star along with our fame To build a unibody alongside a frame When the Star shot away we still had our Explorer Then a Mountaineer came to our border In 2001 our profits were great but in '02 we learned of our fate We still had a shot to finish the show and a new Lincoln wanted to glow We babied her all down the line Then at the end she took on a shine As our Aviator flew away We had a tear for this day I will alway remember those good days and bad 'Cause you know deep down my heart is sad Jan27,2006 oldasdirt PS As I walk the remains I feel even more pain 'cause you see That place meant a lot to me For sixty-five years We toiled with tears Not just from our eyes but from sweat we did cry Oh SLAP you did good we knew you would We say good bye old friend It has come to an end. So long-adios, we will not meet again except in memories,or with a pen. As I write this, best wishes go out To all those that had so many doubts I loved you all and with the pain in my heart I hope you all got a good new start oldasdirt August, 2008
  10. oldasdirt


    The latest date for S-I-L is AUG.20something. Hope y'all git there this time. Oh and I am really enjoying my retirement Thank you Uncle Henry :beerchug:
  11. oldasdirt


    Seems they been put on hold again S-I-L was posed ta go there next week but it,s been out off till???
  12. oldasdirt

    Do We Want Socialized Medicine?

    ONLY THE STRONGEST SURVIVE,Gods law-not mine.Why should we go against him?Clear the gene pool of the wreched and sick.
  13. oldasdirt


    Dave, did they give you a scooter with a reinforced frame to ride?cause ya done bent the chit out of the one you had at SLAP.Or are ya walkin all that fat off?
  14. oldasdirt

    Buyouts and thoose on medical leaves

    Back when SLAP closed in order to qualify you had to be on active rolls,so they let just about anybody that was on med back on active rolls so they could qualify-some had been on med for 9-10 YEARS!!
  15. oldasdirt

    UAW-FORD Joint Study

    Yea I got one today as well-even though it had somebody elses name on it-Guess he got the one wiff my name