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  1. Hard Driver

    2020 Ford Retiree Health Plan Options

    Wow, nothing like animosity and unhappiness toward people. Maybe lump sum payments are going to put them out of business!
  2. I retired July 1, 2022. I was originally going to retire on May 1 but my UAW benefits rep suggested I stay through May to receive the $1500 bonus. I did. Soon after I retired I was locked out of the area where I could view my pay stubs so there were a couple I never received. I tried to make sense of things by monitoring my bank direct deposits but that doesn't show your gross payments etc to tell if you have been shorted (guessing game). The problem is that I did not receive the bonus payment and don't know who to talk to. My UAW chairman said he would get on it but as of almost 2 months I still have no record of payment. Any suggestions on who I should contact? I worked out of local 245 Research and Engineering Michigan.
  3. Hard Driver

    Where is my family day?!

    Thanks, I overlooked that.
  4. Hard Driver

    Where is my family day?!

    Contract ratified. Bonuses etc received, December vacation reloaded, check stub says I have my 16 hours family day hours. I try to use 8 hours family day and am told can't use them until January. I say BS!
  5. Hard Driver

    Don’t buy a Ford

    As mentioned you have to find a good dealer. I had multiple disappointments with one in Dearborn, down the street from Ford HQ. Never going back. Found another one and so far I have been treated well with all issues taken care of the first time. I drive a little further but it has been worth it.
  6. Hard Driver

    RIP: Ford Flex

    We have a 2019 F-150 and a 2015 Flex. The flex has a great ride and is easy for our senior parents and young grand kids to get in and out of. Never a problem going on 50,000 miles. Very happy with it.
  7. Hard Driver

    CAP is not a problem - Everything is going to be Ok

    Wow! Why not just take the chicken and let the company screw you?
  8. Hard Driver

    2018 F-150 fuel pump location

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, it would be a dumb reason to make an engine choice.
  9. I was talking to a guy who recently bought a 2018 F-150 and he said one of the main reasons he got a 5.0 was because the fuel pump is not in the gas tank so it's not a big repair if it goes. I know there is a secondary fuel pump "booster" on the engine but am I mistaken that the main fuel pump is in the tank on all F-150s?
  10. Hard Driver

    2006 E-150 worst I've ever owned

    I have used 2 E-150 cargo vans in the past 23 years for my business and personal use. The first 1996 with a 351 was a great vehicle. I sold it in 2006 and replaced it with a new one with a 4.6. The second is a piece of crap. Paint peeling started around 50,000 miles, then rust began around roof edge all the way around, wind noise that dealer couldn't fix during warranty and finally had to sue using lemon law, engine light occasionally comes on engine idles rough (replaced all coil on plugs, still happens). Even though I was given money for the wind noise I have still had to live with it. Dealer and Ford treated me like shit. I work for Ford and will not buy another Ford for my business. Sorry, I tried.
  11. Hard Driver

    Why the NO VOTES

    Here is a big problem with the people negotiating this contract. A few years ago I was attending monthly skilled trades meetings at region 1A. There were 4 of us going over applications for journeyman cards. One day one of the lead "bargainers" on this contract, Greg Drudey, came in to our meeting, put his feet up on the table with his sucker in his mouth (no pun intended) and began to tell us how ridiculous it was for people on an assy. line to be paid twenty something dollars to turn a screw. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! First of all I know people on the line do more than just turn a screw. This is the kind of "leadership" we don't need supposedly fighting for us. This is the mentality that we don't need bargaining our contracts. If you ever see him ask him about his compensation that is funded by UAW members who "just turn a screw" all day...including the last dues hike!
  12. Hard Driver


    carguy....this started happening before affordable care. I was a victim 5 years ago. I was transported from the ER by ambulance to the hospital. In "observation" for 2 nights, given meals, medication etc. Billed $100.00 because I was not "admitted". I went to my benefits rep at Rawsonville who argued and the $100.00 bill was dismissed. Thats when I had a good benefit rep. I'm in Allen Park now and my "benefits rep" sucks.
  13. Hard Driver

    Profit Sharing

    I could have sworn that I said my wife quit working. No work no make "really good money".
  14. Hard Driver

    30 years retirement

    Never make financial decisions based on internet posting boards. Always talk to someone who is familiar with the system (benefits rep or company person that does this for a living). Retire when you are ready, you don't owe anyone any favors...I don't think.
  15. Hard Driver

    OHAP in the news

    I agree with your statement cal. I have worked at 5 different plants and everywhere I went the local mentality was to "take care of their own first" before new UAW members who were transferred. I think by now we should all be able to understand that being transferred to another facility is not that unusual or out of the question. I support the whole union concept but despise the mentality of much of the current leadership.